Last Sunday, India and Pakistan–long-time sports rivals–battled it out on the field to prove who has the greatest cricket team.

People are holding their breath with only tech rumors and concept photo leaks to base their expectations of the Samsung Galaxy

Cyber attacks have been rampant recently, as criminals continue to develop hacking methods. Entire businesses and governments fall victim to

Microsoft’s much-hyped Project Scorpio finally has a name. Microsoft finally announced The Xbox One X in a briefing days before the Electronic

Rumors have been spreading that Apple is planning to discontinue the production of iPad Mini and will focus on highlighting

US President Donald Trump’s victory has drawn divided support all over the world. Upon becoming one of the world’s most

Apple’s WWDC 2017 brought some much-awaited announcements that were all unveiled on the first day of the conference. Below, we

The future of gaming is more lightweight and compact. Announcements have been made last May 30 during Taiwan’s Computex that

Are you fond of gaming? If you are, listen up: Samsung just unveiled the CHG90 yesterday, a “super ultrawide” monitor


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