The act of managing your day to day activities is difficult, especially those of you out there who are working parents with school-age children. One of the most daunting tasks as parents is preparing lunch for your kids, something we

[UPDATED] After the igniting battery fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Snappo would like to discourage our readers from buying the product despite our earlier positive review. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now available in the market. With

MacBook Pro’s refresher hiatus is about to end! While there are MANY speculations, here are the purported major features that we may see in the Macbook Pro 2016. Rumors came out that Apple would release its refreshed MacBook Pro on

The LG OLED E6 series is LG’s latest OLED flatscreen offering this year. Can it hold a candle to other big names in the OLED category? LG has been battling with Samsung for the top spot in the OLED TV

Going to college can be fun, but sometimes the pressure of learning your lessons and getting along with fellow students and your professors while trying to enjoy school life could be overwhelming. Most people describe collegiate life as both a

With a very telling tweet, Samsung has created ripples of excitement ahead of the August 31 IFA media event in Berlin. Now everyone is holding their breath for the much-anticipated unveiling of the new Samsung Gear 3. Last year, Samsung’s

When it comes to computers, what sets an excellent computer apart from any other is something that goes beyond a crystal clear monitor or a smashing audio system. We walk you through the inner workings of the Intel Core i7

If you’re trying to be more conscious of what you’re eating, one of the best ways to kick-start healthier eating habits is to make your own food so you know exactly what goes in it. We share tips on how

We take the Asus Zenbook 3 for a spin to find out if it is indeed a better alternative to the Macbook 2015 and the Macbook Air. Almost every online tech review outlet has raved about the Asus Zenbook 3,


The USB Type-C is the newest type of USB connector that comes with new functions and faster speeds for improved delivery. The USB Type-C is another proof that new is indeed better. Even tech giants like Apple, Google, LG, and