August 24, 2016


With a very telling tweet, Samsung has created ripples of excitement ahead of the August 31 IFA media event in Berlin. Now everyone is holding their breath for the much-anticipated unveiling of the new Samsung Gear 3.

Last year, Samsung’s Gear S2 instantly became a favorite among critics and consumers alike because of its circular design and the much talked about rotating bezel. This year, the Samsung Gear S3 is out to win everyone’s hearts.

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Members of the press and tech blogging community have received their invites for the Samsung IFA event, with a not-so-subtle reference to what they are unveiling this year. The picture and the tagline say it all: the words “Talk about 3” and a familiar watch face points to the latest Samsung wearable.


The Samsung Gear S3 aka Solis will come in 3 different models, with a luxury edition in the works, and would most probably look like its predecessor, Samsung Gear S2. The same movable bezel and round face could have a size upgrade, and may also have a James Bond watch-inspired strap.

The Samsung Gear S3’s features will be optimized for active lifestyle. There’s sensors to determine altitude and pressure, complete with GPS and speedometer. We’re also betting on buttons that are easier to press when you’re on the go.

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As for OS, the Samsung Gear S3 will run on Tizen and will most likely have the same interface as the Samsung Gear S2.

It’s been more than a year since Apple had released their own smart watch, and will most likely introduce it on September 7, so the Samsung Gear S3 could very well be met with stiff competition should the Cupertino giant release their own.