August 28, 2016


The LG OLED E6 series is LG’s latest OLED flatscreen offering this year. Can it hold a candle to other big names in the OLED category?

LG has been battling with Samsung for the top spot in the OLED TV category. Since 2013, LG’s TV sales have increased despite the overall slump in TV purchases around the world, and this year, the release of the OLED E6 series has put LG’s name up in lights.


LG’s return to flat screens from the 2014 to 2015 curved design is timely, as it has gone back to what actually works and made it even better. The LG OLED E6 series, available in 55” and 65” screen sizes, come as ultra thin displays, with the lower part occupied by the electronics box and Harman Kardon. Even the stand is tastefully designed in a minimalist way to complement the super slim screen that features a barely-there bezel. When the display is off, the entire screen goes black, hiding the bezel.


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When we talk about the product itself, the LG OLED E6 series TVs boast 4K resolution and full HDR certification both from Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10. It could very well be the perfect 4K TV displaying rich and lifelike colors and uber sharp images. How is this possible? LG’s OLED technology allows of its 8 million plus pixels to activate and deactivate, unlike others that can only brighten up and dim. When some pixels shut off, it brings out the blackest blacks, therefore helping other brightly lit pixels stand out.  


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LG OLED E6 TVs support passive 3D, so if you want to watch 3D movies in your house with complete cinematic experience, the 55” LG OLED E6 TVs will fulfill your needs. LG E6 series comes with voice recognition, mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi. The LG OLED E6 comes with built-in app store and thus you can enjoy your favorite apps. For the techies, the LG OLED E6 series supports Dolby digital decoder. It is the first TV to have a feature as such.

The smart TVs of the LG OLED E6 series come with  USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports. With HDMI, you can connect your laptop or any other device with TV. Enjoy music and videos from USB and experience live cinematic resolution.

In regions like UAE, LG E6 can be a huge success as it can cope with temperature variations.

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The LG OLED E6 series is matchless compared to any OLED TV in the market as of press time. It spells luxury and its premium features are sure to give you the best viewing experience you may have, not to mention the added benefit of being the TV king among your friends come Netflix and chill gatherings. This high definition OLED technology LG retails from $5000 to $6000 (around 18,500 AED to 20,000 AED), pretty steep for the everyday working class. The LG OLED E6 costs more than the average flat screen TV set, and rightfully so because of its standout features and picture quality. We give it a YES, and two thumbs up with some popcorn on the side.


4.13 out of 5