August 30, 2016


The act of managing your day to day activities is difficult, especially those of you out there who are working parents with school-age children. One of the most daunting tasks as parents is preparing lunch for your kids, something we do anyway to ensure that what they’re eating is well-prepared and nutritious. To make sure that nothing gets compromised, we find ways to make lunch prep faster and easier.

Cooking experts say it’s better to do things in advance to save up on time, but sometimes even doing things the night before is impossible. Through the years, many appliances have surfaced to make cooking not just better but also faster. Below are three of these appliances:

Food processor


Let’s face it: manually cutting ingredients eats up a lot of prep time. To avoid this, there’s the handy dandy food processor. Physically, this looks like a normal blender. However, it does more wonders! A food processor has interchangeable blades and disks that could slice, chop, and shred vegetables and fruits, grind items, such as nuts and spices, and mix and knead dough. Imagine the time you could save from manually preparing these ingredients that could be done with just a single press of a button!

Four-burner stove top


A two-burner cooking range is commonly seen in the kitchen, and while this may mean that meals get done faster, it is still limited to two pans at a time. If you’re preparing three or more dishes, you’ll still have some waiting time in between instead of being able to cook simultaneously. To eliminate waiting time, consider having a four-burner stove top. Not so fond of gas ranges? You can also opt for a glass-top induction cooking range.  Imagine having one pan for the chicken, one for gravy, another for the vegetables, and the last one for the soup! Say goodbye to waiting games!

Turbo broiler


Despite its efficiency, owning the usual ovens might not be for everyone, especially if your house does not have a space for an in-wall oven installation. There are alternatives to ovens in the market that do the same but require a smaller space. One of them is the turbo broiler. These are countertop appliances usually made of a glass bowl with the lid being the heat source. It uses convection to cook the food inside the glass bowl, and this process shortens cooking time.

Try these three appliances at your home, and you’ll never again take hours just to get your kids’ school lunch cooked and ready!