September 29, 2016

Gaming is About to Become Even Better with These New Game Consoles

With smartphone technology and consumer behavior shifting to mobile, some might start to think that the time of game consoles is coming to an end. In reality, that is far from happening.

Game enthusiasts remain fixated as ever in consoles, as developers continue to release promising games in the market. Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and Pokémon Sun and Moon are just some of the gems that every gamer would want to have this year.

But what is a great game without a great console? While game development companies are busy releasing one game after the other, makers of gaming consoles have their hands full as well. It’s safe to say that game enthusiasts have something to look forward to in the coming months.  

So, what’s new for game consoles? We have rounded up the different gaming consoles that you would want in your playroom:

Xbox One S

Last August 2, Microsoft released its new Xbox One S in UK stores. It is a slimmer and smaller version of the Xbox One but with a few extras. As fans are saying, “This is everything that the Xbox One should have been.”  

One of the notable features of the Xbox One S is its 4K video playback. It can play selected 4K video and blu-ray content, which makes it a perfect match for televisions integrated with 4K technology. The console also boasts of a new controller that is way better than the previous Xbox One unit—and that says a lot because the Xbox One has one of the best controllers in the console category.


Of course, Sony is not one to back down from the race to be the best console in the industry. The PlayStation 4 is the strongest contender on the game console market, but that won’t stop Sony from releasing a much powerful console. That’s the promise of PlayStation Neo.

The good news is the PlayStation Neo is not a replacement unit for your PS4. If anything, it serves as an upgrade for player experience, which is why it is also called PlayStation 4.5. All your PS4 games will still be compatible with this new unit.

Insider reports detail the things to expect from PlayStation Neo: faster components and more processing power. This means it can handle higher resolution graphics and a smoother gaming experience.

There is no final word from Sony on when it will be releasing the PlayStation Neo, but consumers can expect to see this in stores later this year.


Mark your calendars, Nintendo fans. The new Nintendo NX will be available in the market in March 2017. What’s to expect with this new Nintendo product? For one, it’s a hybrid between console and a handheld device. This allows you to carry the unit anywhere, but still be able to dock it if you want to play games on your TV screen.

According to reports, the unit will also have detachable controllers. Moreover, there are rumors of the unit having a split D-pad for its controllers—just like that of a PS4’s. A “share button” will also be integrated on the controllers, allowing players to upload images or videos of their game on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.


These new releases prove how the game console industry is adapting to user demands. After all, today’s generation of players are more focused on having the best gaming experience. There’s more to come and more to expect, so keep your game on and stay updated for product announcements.