October 1, 2016

White flag: Blackberry to cease smartphone production

Years of battling the smartphone wars has come to this: Ontario-based Blackberry Ltd. has thrown in the towel and will no longer be adding new models to its lineup of iconic handsets.

After the July 2016 announcement that it will stop manufacturing the Classic model, John S. Chen, CEO of Blackberry Ltd. announced last 28th September that the company will take a different direction and will no longer concentrate on making handsets. Its main focus now is software development, a move that has been in the works for three years now.


john chen

John S. Chen, CEO of Blackberry Ltd (Image courtesy of the official Blackberry blog)

This marks another technological end of an era, as Blackberry was THE smartphone company of the early 2000s and its iconic QWERTY handsets were the choice of the elite. Ever since the onslaught of Apple and Android-powered devices, Blackberry’s popularity took a dip and has been on the downward spiral even with its foray into the Android market with the Blackberry Leap released in 2015.

In the UAE, the most popular Blackberry handset is the Blackberry Bold 9900, used by those in the business and corporate sectors.