October 5, 2016

The Huawei Nova review

The Huawei Consumer Business Group has just released an exciting line of smartphones that will wow the market, featuring Huawei Nova, the mid-range smartphone that satisfies the tech needs of UAE’s mobile market.

As the mobile market continues to ascend, Huawei has established its niche in the UAE as one of mid-level smartphone lords. Just last year, the company has expressed how Middle Eastern countries have become a central marketplace for Huawei. With the expansion of their product line, the company expects to see an increase in Huawei consumers for the next few years.  

So, what can we expect from Huawei’s new product line? Let’s have a rundown of its technical features:


Huawei’s developers highlight simplicity with their new smartphone design. The Huawei Nova is all that it promises to be: exquisitely minimalist.At first glance, it looks exactly what you think it looks: a tiny Nexus 6P. The device boasts a compact, multi-curved design with a 5-inch screen and symmetrical edges that seem to reflect light. The rear section is made of premium alloy that is sand blasted to provide its smooth outer shell. It has a 2.5D glass that provides the perfect fit to its rounded corners. Its compact design makes it easier to hold for one-hand use.


When it comes to the essentials, the Huawei Nova did not fail to deliver. While its display is not yet QHD as most mid-range phones, the Huawei Nova’s display is an impressive 5-inch IPS panel. 

Huawei Nova also offers Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS function, and Bluetooth sharing. It functions with a micro-SIM card that can provide you with 3G/4G/LTE connection.


Huawei Nova does not end up short in terms of performance. As sources reveal, the device runs Android 6.0 with a 2GHz octa-core processor. It has a RAM of 3GB and an internal storage of 32GB with expandable microSD storage of up to 128GB. These features allow it to function on the same level as high-end units.

Huawei Nova is designed with advanced technology for increased performance and low power consumption. It can support longer power usage so users can switch from one app to another without worrying about draining the battery of their device quickly.  


Huawei Nova packs a great deal of special features that surpasses those of mid-range smartphones. For one, its camera is equipped with fast focusing system that has two functionalities. This allows you to deliver more refined details when capturing photos. However, its camera fails in low light, being unable to focus. It is therefore not the best camera phone to use when you have to take photos at evening events like concerts.

The device is capable of shooting 4K videos. Even when you blast the video on larger screens, the image quality will still be as incredible and high definition. The device also has wide-aperture lens and sensor area that proves to be useful for low light conditions.


4 out of 5
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
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2.5 out of 5


With its impressively minimalist design and exceptional smartphone performance, the Huawei Nova is the smartphone for those who want to experience the same luxury as high-end mobile device units.


3 out of 5