October 13, 2016

Microsoft pulls the plug on Band

Microsoft has officially announced that they will no longer manufacture Band, its wearable fitness trackers. What made them put an end to Microsoft Band?

Microsoft pulls the plug on its fitness wearable line this month, and reports say the company has no plans of releasing a new set anytime soon. The company removed all traces of their Band devices from the Microsoft Store listing, as well as on Best Buy.

MS band

Microsoft Band

The Band is still available on Amazon, but only until supplies last. The software development kit is also no longer available. This only provides further evidence that Microsoft has stopped production of their wearable fitness device.

According to sources, the company will continue to support customers with the Band 2 through their Microsoft Stores and customer service channels.

But, why did Microsoft decide to put an end to their Band fitness tracker?


The first generation of the Microsoft Band was released in October 2014, and even then it was a surprise to Microsoft’s customers. Although it was dubbed as the most advanced wearable fitness device on the market, many are not sold on the Band due to its design and features.

While it came with sensors and a range of functionalities, it still fell short on the expectations of customers. There were those who viewed it as less capable than a smartwatch. Moreover, the price was too steep for its mid-range functionalities.

MS band 2

Microsoft Band 2

But, Microsoft was always known for not having a perfect first product — they usually nail it after two to three versions. To meet the expectations of their customers, and to prove their Microsoft Band has good market value, the company introduced Microsoft Band 2.

The new series of Microsoft Band shows a new design that is less chunky than the previous model. It has a great software – it would be surprising if the software is not good considering it’s Microsoft. While it does have a few shares of praises, the second device was  not as impressive as the first generation.

According to previous reviews, the Band 2 still carry the some of the flaws from the previous unit. The software is not compatible for all devices, so syncing data might not be possible if you’re using different devices. The biggest pitfall is its prices  — from the $199 of the first generation, to the basic $299.


While the Microsoft Band reaches the end of the line, the company sets its eyes on developing more refined software. The company will continue to provide Health service and support. To counteract the Band 2 pullout, Microsoft will also be pushing Microsoft Health.

MS health

The company says this will be a hub for health and fitness insights, and will be available for all types of devices and operating systems. As their hands are free of the Band line, the company is also likely to focus on the development of their HoloLens augmented reality headsets and consoles.