October 23, 2016

Everyone’s switching to Google Allo because of this

Google takes messaging to a new level with their new Google Allo, a smart messaging app.

As the digital landscape changes throughout the years, the way people communicate also takes on a new form. Sending a message online has gone from a single email to instant messaging, and different platforms have made this easier and simpler. These days, all you need is a social media account to communicate with a friend or a family member even when you are on the go.

Now, Google is taking instant messaging further. Last September, the tech and search engine giant launched its very own smart messaging app: Google Allo. This app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones, and is Google’s counter to WeChat and WhatsApp.

To promote the new messaging app further, the Google Pixel phone will come pre-installed with Google Allo.

We’re pretty sure Facebook Messenger, Line, and other chat messaging platforms have features that make them a go-to channel for consumers, but here’s what makes Google Allo different.


One thing that makes Google Allo unique to other chat platforms is how it incorporates the personality of the user to the app. It has the Smart Reply feature that suggests text messages and emojis based on what you usually type in a conversation. This the lazy person’s messaging app because you can send responses without typing.

Another feature of the app allows you to adjust the size of your text. So if you want to send a shouty message with all the letter capitalized, you simply need to slide up the send button. If you want to tone down your messages to a whisper, simply slide down.

You can also send photos with doodles or added designs — no need to use another app to edit your photos. If you want to be extra creative and make the conversation more fun, you can add stickers to your messages.


Google also added a new feature, Google Assistant. This provides users with quicker access to Google Search — it’s as if you are conversing directly with Google when you need to look for information. This allows you to ask for information, such as local restaurants, movie schedules, flights, and hotel reservations.

Google Assistant also keeps you updated. Just type @google if you need information about the weather, news, sports, or traffic.  Probably the biggest thing about Google Assistant integration is it can predict what you can do next by extracting data from your device. It tunes in and remembers your preferences and mobile habits, so over time, it adjusts to the information it learns and provides a more personalized user experience.


Google Allo also lets you send expiring messages and receive private notifications for Incognito chats. This is definitely the messaging app for those who are sensitive about privacy.

With all these awesome and unique features, it’s impossible not to make a switch to Google Allo. After all, new is always better.