October 26, 2016

Travel from Dubai to Fujairah in just 10 minutes

Faster, better, and more convenient – the Hyperloop is all we could hope for in a transport system.

We live in the age of convenience. Looking for a great restaurant near you? How about the nearest coffee shop with great coffee and a relaxing ambiance? Google it from your smartphone. Need a cab home? There’s an app for that.

The world’s technology is advancing and with it, so does consumer demand. As far as convenience is concerned, transportation doesn’t seem so far behind from the rest of the world’s technological innovation.

One innovation we could not wait to finally experience in the UAE is the Hyperloop. Proposed by billionaire inventor and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, the Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system for people and goods. It consists of two massive tubes with pods that will carry the passengers at a top speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour. That’s twice the speed of a jumbo jet.


The Hyperloop system is considered a step forward in transportation solutions. It aims to ease congestion in the country’s main roads by providing an insanely faster and more convenient mode of transport to more people. The time saved in commuting alone will dramatically improve people’s lifestyles as it makes room for more things to do in people’s schedules, whether it’s for leisure or productivity.

Last September, Dubai Future Foundation hosted the “Build Earth Live” contest, which aims crowdsource ideas for a Hyperloop project that will reduce the travel time along the Dubai-Fujairah route to just 10 minutes. More than 100 participants from various enterprises in the engineering and scientific field joined the contest.


The Hyperloop is not just a solution to the stressful, time-wasting problem of the average commute. DP World has just signed a deal with LA-based firm Hyperloop One to conduct a feasibility study and see how the Hyperloop system fits in the UAE transport system. This will focus on the costs, benefits, the efficiency of handling of containers, and the demand for using this new transport system.

This feasibility study also allows developers to explore and expand the uses of the Hyperloop technology. This is also in line with the UAE’s goal to become a leader in global transportation solutions.

Chairman and CEO of the DP World Group, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said that testing the capabilities of the Hyperloop technology opens new opportunities when it comes to trade. Their initiative in developing the Hyperloop transport system in the UAE is part of their efforts in “pushing the boundaries in the delivery of goods.”


If everything goes according to plan, the Hyperloop transport system may become fully functional in the next five years or so. Many proposals have been sent in for the planned routes in the UAE — there are even a few proposals which have considered putting the Hyperloop tubes underwater.

With the Hyperloop project in development, the UAE can clearly hope for less congested roads, faster travel times, and more comfort for personal travels. What do you think of the Hyperloop project? Tell us in the comments.