Razer once again gave its followers a treat with its Razer Blade 2016 gaming laptop. How is this gaming laptop different from its predecessor? What does this promise? Is this worth the money? Let’s find out below! Design The overall look

Microsoft has officially announced that they will no longer manufacture Band, its wearable fitness trackers. What made them put an end to Microsoft Band? Microsoft pulls the plug on its fitness wearable line this month, and reports say the company

We were misled. That meek appliance sitting in the corner is not just for cooking rice. it can do many other wonders. Because it’s been named “rice cooker,” we were all led to assume that this appliance is just for

Samsung finds itself deeper in a quagmire of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, product recalls, botched replacements, and slow PR responses as three replacement units caught fire all within a few days of each other last week, prompting the tech giant

LG is the current leader in ultrawide monitors in the market today and with good reason. LG recently released the gargantuan 38″ Class 21:9 UltraWide® WQHD+ IPS Curved LED Monitor (product code 38UC99) at IFA Berlin last September. At 38

A few weeks ago, Samsung announced the recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to its exploding battery, and Samsung Gulf suits to follow. From the reports, Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection in the UAE Ministry of Economy

The Samsung Z2 Review

Simple and utilitarian but still sleek and stylish, the new Samsung Z2 is everything you could need in a budget smartphone. Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, mobile phones were only good for calling and texting. Over

Due to the recent Yahoo hack, netizens are on high alert mode when it comes to account security and personal information. However, how can you be really sure that right now, no one is stealing your credit card information, hacking

Variable State takes us into the strange but familiar world of Virginia. Unravel the mystery and the secrets that lie beneath the secluded fictional town of Kingdom, Virginia as the story unfolds. We all love to play a little mystery

The Xbox One S Review

Ever since Microsoft announced the arrival of their latest console, the Xbox One S, gamers all over the world have held their breaths in anticipation. The redesigned model of the original Xbox One promises a whole new look and feel