“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better,” bestselling author Justina Cheng once said. Drinking coffee is no longer just a morning habit these days. There’s already a lifestyle built around it. We bond with our friends or

Samsung is launching a new AI with its new Galaxy S8 that’s also integrated with Samsung’s wearable tech and smart appliances. This new development aims to put Samsung amongst Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, who have put out devices with

One of the most common foods you will find in almost any Arabic dish out there today is the roti. The roti, also called naan, is a flat bread baked in traditional clay ovens  or tandoors. This is often used

Brand new appliances are anything but cheap. Just replacing your old television with a new flat screen would cost thousands. It’s the latest technology so it’s understandably more expensive. The good news is you have alternatives. New doesn’t always mean good.

Dubai’s local government is currently undertaking initiatives to make Dubai one of the cleanest cities in the world by 2050. It’s no wonder then that Dubai, a city that aims to become as sustainable as it can be, is also one of the

Dubai’s property market can be described in one word: luxurious. The city was dubbed a millionaire’s haven with good reason. Properties being built on man-made peninsulas and the continuous development of ultra-modern luxury villas are not commonplace anywhere else in the world

We all love microwave ovens for the convenience they bring in preparing and reheating our food in under a minute. No need for pots and pans, just your plate or bowl or container. But easy prep meals tend to become boring

The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) will be launching the home safety package in their effort to ensure residential fire safety, the DCD announced last October. This will include safety packages for residential homes and a program to raise fire-prevention awareness and safety practices

Smart home systems are now slowly becoming the norm. People are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their lifestyle. As a country known for its people’s grandiose lifestyles, expat culture, and fascinating city developments, the UAE is not one to miss this

In a couple of weeks, we’re bidding 2016 goodbye. Another year begins, bringing with it new trends in home living. Ready for what’s in store next year? Maybe you’ve considered changing a bit of your house, like your kitchen, and just spice it up