November 10, 2016

Speed up your smartphone in a few easy steps

The last thing anyone wants from their smartphone is to slow down and add up to their ever growing frustration.

Because if your phone has slowed down to the point of freezing, you know it wasn’t sudden. It was a slow descent that you didn’t notice until it was much too late. Here’s the thing: of course smartphones run fast when you get them fresh out of the box. They may stay that way for a couple of months until you’ve filled the device with various apps, games, and tons of photos in your image gallery. Nothing’s perfect and your smartphone can only do so much to keep up with the amount of things that you want it to do.

You might come to think of upgrading your smartphone just to speed things up. The good news is you don’t need to get an upgrade. You just need to manage your phone well (like the rest of your life, right?). How? Well, let’s start with..

Delete unnecessary apps


Of course we know. What’s a smartphone without apps? The functionality of smartphones hinges on apps. If you want to have better filters for your photos, install Camera 360. If you’re a fitness buff, get a health-tracking app. Of course.

Having a lot of apps installed in your phone is fine if your device has a lot of storage but you never really mind how many you’ve got in there until it’s a tad too many and you’ve reached your limit. Of course you can install as much as you want but maybe take it easy, yeah? Having too many apps will only clutter your phone. The worst thing is that some of these apps still run in the background even when you’ve closed them. This only becomes a burden to your smartphone’s processing load. So start deleting apps you don’t need, we know you only use the Nike training app before a date.

Get rid of excess media


You might love taking lots of selfies, downloading music, and saving videos on your phone. While smartphones have advanced functionalities to accommodate different types of media, you need to take proactive steps in clearing up your file storage.

The same way that apps take up a lot of space, media is the prime suspect in eating up precious storage in phones. This is most especially true when your phone’s camera is pretty high end, and that means better pictures and better pictures means bigger files. Go through your media storage and delete the unnecessary media taking up space or better yet, transfer them to your computer. Now you’ll have more space to keep newer things!

Install a cleanup app


While you’re clearing out apps from your device, there’s one app that you should keep or install: a third-party cleanup app. This eliminates the need to go through your storage to remove the unnecessary programs running in your device.

One of the most recommended cleanup app for Android devices is Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master. This app does more than just remove apps; it also optimizes your device, boosts performance speed, and saves your phone’s battery.

Disable widgets

Those widgets on your home screen may have their use, but you might not need all of them. These widgets also eat up precious processing power from your phone so disable what you don’t need to keep your smartphone performing at optimal speed. You can leave some of them active, but making them run all at the same time is a sure-fire way of slowing down your phone.

Nobody likes a slow smartphone; it defeats the purpose of providing convenience to its users. So you better start decluttering your phone right now.

Are there other ways of speeding up your phone? Tell us in the comments!