November 11, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What to expect next year

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 may have disappeared forever in a burst of flame as they permanently discontinued production of the notorious unit earlier this month. However, that didn’t stop Samsung from continuing their Galaxy Note line. If anything, it’s an encouragement to do better.

Since we never truly got a perfect Note 7, we’re excited over what the next one in line has got to offer. Let the Galaxy Note 8 speculations begin!

Damage control


Transitioning from this crisis into the next iteration of the Galaxy Note will be no easy task. Samsung recently announced that Note 7 owners in South Korea who traded their phones for a Galaxy S7 can trade their S7s for an S8 or Note 8 for half the normal retail price. The availability of this program will vary depending on the local market, operator, and retail partner, a Samsung spokeswoman said. No word yet on a similar program outside South Korea.

This, along with the recall and the subsequent media snafu, put considerable stress on Samsung’s finances and reputation but the company is still gung ho on continuing with their work on the Galaxy Note 8. Or at least, that’s the natural successor to the ill-fated Note 7. Samsung already released a tablet named Galaxy Note 8 three years ago so they may have to rename this one. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll call the post-Note 7 phone “Galaxy Note 8” until they come up with a new name.

We hope they do something with the battery. The Galaxy Note 7 may have been a product of rushed but faulty production so now they have a lot of time to make sure they don’t mess it up. It’s a quality control issue that must not be ignored. The Galaxy Note 8 is the only way Samsung can make amends with the Note 7 fiasco.



Details on the next iteration of the Galaxy Note series are very sparse. The Galaxy Note 8 will probably follow the Galaxy S8 and might be the S8’s bigger version, stylus included. Owing to the size, it’s highly likely that the Note 8 will be a VR ready device with a VR accessory. And you know what VR means: more powerful hardware.

A lot of smartphone devices are going buttonless nowadays so if the S8 is going to remove its Home button, the Galaxy Note 8 might ditch it as well. It looks like the Note 8 will largely follow certain design cues from the S8, such as a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen and a screen that’s curved on all edges.

There are reports that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published Samsung’s patent application filed earlier this March for an S Pen that includes a speaker system. The same report also detailed that sound can travel through the pen and exit from a speaker located at the top of the pen. When the pen is detached from the device, sound would travel from the phone’s internal speaker and through the pen’s holding shaft. Tech Radar goes on to say that the S Pen “might speak to you,” and most probably, you can speak to it as well as a sort of mic, if that’s the case.

It’s also probable that Samsung could move up the release date to counteract the damage brought about by the Note 7 fiasco. If Samsung sticks to that plan, we could expect the Note 8 to be released during the first or second quarter of 2017. Samsung may unveil the Galaxy Note 8 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) around the end of February next year, or soon after that. If you’re tech person, the MWC is a good landmark in your timeline when waiting for next releases.