November 21, 2016

Dubai Raises Fire Prevention Awareness, Launches Home Safety Package

The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) will be launching the home safety package in their effort to ensure residential fire safety, the DCD announced last October. This will include safety packages for residential homes and a program to raise fire-prevention awareness and safety practices among families.

The package includes wireless smoke detectors that families can install in their kitchens (the room that’s most at risk of a fire) and other areas in their homes. These smoke detectors are interconnected via Bluetooth technology, allowing them to function as one network. Once one smoke detector detects smoke, all the detectors will sound an alert all over the home, ensuring that all residents will be notified allowing them to evacuate the area.

Apart from providing homes with smoke detectors, the DCD also plans to strength their fire-prevention home safety campaign, which involves educating families on fire-prevention measures.

Common fire hazards


There have been 5,490 fire-related incidents in Dubai from 2006 to 2013. The government lists motor vehicles as the most at risk of a fire, followed by residential properties and the development of high-rise structures.

According to Professor David Charters, fire engineer and one of the speakers at the 7th annual Middle East Firesafe conference, the development of high-rise buildings prominently contributed to the rising frequency of fire-related incidents in the country. In just four years, the city had experienced four major fires in high-rise structures due to combustible aluminum facades. These incidents raised fire safety concerns in the city and prompted the government into renewing their efforts towards fire prevention and safety.

Residential homes are not forgotten from the government’s fire prevention and safety initiatives. According to Major General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, one of the main causes of residential fires is the lack of preventive awareness so incorporating proper fire-preventive practices into people’s daily lives is a must.

More fire prevention initiatives


Earlier this year, the government announced that they will be revising the UAE Fire and Life safety code in response to the increasing frequency of fires due to aluminum cladding in high-rise buildings. The regulations in the new code will be under the supervision of the DCD and the municipality.

According to Major General Matroushi, the revised code will hold contractors and construction companies responsible for possible fire incidents if they do not follow fire safety rules. The violation of the revised code will be considered a criminal offense.

The DCD also implemented the use of Dubai Life Safety Dashboard in building infrastructures as part of their effort in raising citizen awareness about emergency procedures. This dashboard monitoring system provides building owners and residents with real-time access to the status of their buildings and homes using their devices. Reports indicate that there are over 40,000 structures around the city connected with the system.

The government calls on every citizen to participate in their fire safety and prevention initiatives, thus preventing the loss of life and property. Educate yourself in these measures and be sure to practice fire safety.