November 21, 2016

Introducing the Rotimatic: No Hand-Kneading Required

One of the most common foods you will find in almost any Arabic dish out there today is the roti. The roti, also called naan, is a flat bread baked in traditional clay ovens  or tandoors. This is often used to wrap meat and vegetables served as shawarmas, or as a staple alongside curry.

As roti is a staple dish in Arabic cuisine, people are used to making this flat bread at home. While it’s fairly easy to make roti, the work can be tedious if you’re making large batches. Not only will you tire yourself out from kneading dough, you’ll lose so much time making a huge batch.

You don’t have to spend the entire day in the kitchen trying to perfect that roti. Why not have a robot make it for you? With the Rotimatic, all the roti you need will be made in a short amount of time.

What is Rotimatic?


The Rotimatic is an automated roti maker that was developed by Zimplistic, a Singapore-based startup. The idea of making a robot roti maker came one day to Pranoti Nagarkar Israni. Ms. Israni, a mechanical engineer graduate, would always make roti for her husband but she found the task time-consuming. Necessity being the all-giving mother of invention, this problem gave birth to the automated roti maker. Along with her husband, Rishi Israni, they developed the idea and soon established their own company in 2008. Now, they’re shipping their first batch of roti makers to different customers overseas.

How do you use the Rotimatic?

The Rotimatic takes away the need of kneading dough and baking it in the oven. You only need to put the flour, water, and oil in the maker. The best thing about this robotic roti maker is you don’t need to measure the ingredients — the machine automatically adjusts the ingredients according to your configurations on the thickness, roast level, and oil content of your flat bread.  You can also indicate the number of roti you need to make and add other ingredients such as turmeric or chili to give your roti more flavor.

Cleaning the unit is also easy. The kneader and the plate where the roti dough is being rolled can be detached. You can then wash these parts or put them in a dishwasher.

A huge success for Zimplistic

Zimplistic’s product video on the Rotimatic went viral and brought the company a staggering amount of pre-orders. According to the company, the pre-order batches for last year were all sold out. The company was able to raise $4.5 million (almost 16.5 million AED) for their first batch of pre-sale Rotimatic orders.

One unit costs $599 (2200 AED), but this didn’t deter buyers from ordering their own roti makers. The company is shipping orders to the US and Singapore, but they are expanding their product to India. The UAE market is also under their consideration, as a lot of people on social media are asking if the company has plans to ship their roti makers to the country.