November 21, 2016

Make traditional Emirati food the modern way using these

Emirati cuisine is always rooted in tradition. Now, the Emirati food we know and love are getting a modern touch.

Simple yet truly satisfying, they excite the palate of both locals and tourists with its fusion of authentic Middle Eastern and Asian flavors. Like any other cuisine, Emirati food has long evolved to fuse its flavors with those of other cultures. While hummous, shawarma, and tabbouleh are simply recent additions, these have become a staple at the Emirati table.

But as any food enthusiast would attest, there’s always something new to try. Locals are experimenting with traditional food and turning them into modern remixes to expand the reach of Emirati flavors.

Let’s see how far Emirati food has evolved with these modernized dishes:



Salona is an Arabic-style curry cooked with vegetables and either chicken or lamb. This dish uses tomato as its base with Arabic spices to give it its familiar spicy flavor. While it’s usually served with rice to complement its taste, some cook it with less tomato sauce to make it drier. They use the curry as a filling for roti, rolling it up like a shawarma. Instead of baking the roti in a traditional clay pot, some people use Saachi’s non-stick roti maker to make their flat bread. This roti maker has simple controls so you can cook your flat bread easily. It even has a large base to accommodate large rotis.

The Saachi non-stick roti maker isn’t the only device your can use. Saachi will have to contend with an up and coming automated roti maker, the Rotimatic. If we’re lucky and Zimplistic decides to ship its Rotimatic to the UAE, there’s no doubt that the modernized salona will become a hit Emirati food.



If you’re a fan of the deep, golden crips of Khameer, you’re in for a treat. Many people enjoy khameer as a breakfast dish, but the fun in enjoying this dish doesn’t end there. Some people cook khameer to create their own dessert. By cutting the dough into bite-sized pieces, mixing sweet yogurt with nuts (or your choice of fresh fruit), and using that mixture as stuffing, you can have your own khameer-inspired dessert.

It’s easy to make as well. It’s even easier if you have the Philips HD9240 Avance Collection XL Air Fryer. This unit has Rapid Air Technology and a digital touchscreen for easier configuration of the oil temperature and time settings, so your khameer will be cooked to its golden brown perfection in no time.

Stuffed camel/camel burger


Stuffed camel is a common dish served during traditional Arab weddings. It has eggs stuffed inside a fish, which are, in turn, stuffed inside lamb or chicken. Then these will be stuffed inside camel and will be cooked over charcoal. It’s like turducken, but tastier.

But it’s not everyday that you have to go to an Arab wedding or buy stuffed camel on the streets. You can make your own, but simpler and smaller, in the form of a camel burger. Camel burgers are easier to make than stuffed camel. You can simply mix the camel meat, the fish, and the white meat using the Moulinex  HM412127 Mixer & Bowl. This comes with stainless steel whisks to make whisking easier for you.


The best part about cooking Emirati food is you can explore more flavors and combine them to create your own modern version. Your only limit is your imagination.