December 6, 2016

Take a look at what happens inside your mobile phone when it gets wet

What could ruin your phone can ruin your day. If you aren’t careful enough, water (or any fluid) can do just that.

Mobile phones are valuable pieces of complex technology that we often take for granted. People are careless and sometimes they need reminding that electronics hate water. If you value your phone, you’ll make sure it won’t get damaged or outright destroyed so why do people damage their phones with water (and all sorts of fluids) almost all the time? Whatever the reason, people need to be reminded what happens to their phone when it gets wet.

According to our tech experts from Mobilecare.aehere’s what goes on inside your mobile phone that results in water damage.

Screen damage

If your phone gets wet (or worse, submerged in water and the like), the first damaged part that you will notice is the phone’s screen. Moisture/liquid gets under the screen, causing it to fog up or leave dark marks. This may also cause touch screens to become unresponsive. Since touch screens respond to anything that holds an electric charge including human skin, the water just gets in the way of this process. Left long enough, the water will eventually damage the display requiring you to replace the screen and in most cases, replace the whole unit entirely.

Rusting of metal components


A mobile phone has a lot of metal internal components, which are susceptible to rust. Even just a tiny bit of water or moisture can cause rust and it’s a downhill battle from there. The rust will spread to other parts, causing the phone to malfunction. You can replace the parts if you choose but by the time the phone becomes unusable, you might as well replace it.

Parts may short circuit

Water conducts electricity. If there is still water in the phone, charging it after it got wet may cause the parts to short circuit. (So don’t charge your phone to check if it still works after it got wet.) This will not only fry the internal parts of your phone but this may electrocute you.

Damaged sensors and ports


Water may also damage the sensors of your phone. It may cause problems with the headphone jack and the charging port. You will not be able to use any hardware if you do not immediately dry your phone.

Battery might not work anymore

Water can get into the battery container and cause it to malfunction. The water may not cause it to power up for a while or may not charge when you plug in your phone. And you can’t charge it anyway since that can fry the battery. You need to have your phone checked for any extra damage if this is the case.

Damaged SIM card

SIM cards are as delicate as mobile phones, but they don’t get damaged that easily – that is if you leave it exposed to water for a long enough period of time. If you accidentally dropped your phone in water, the SIM card is one of the parts you have to remove immediately to avoid prolonged water exposure and short circuiting.

If you don’t take care of the problem immediately, leaving your phone exposed to water damage will not only cause expensive repairs, replacing your phone is expensive as well. Go to your mobile phone service center as soon as possible but before you do, there are steps you can take to control the damage. If your phone does get wet, you can follow these tips to save it. Contrary to what people believe, the majority of water-damage issues can be repaired. Just make sure you do them quickly and immediately after it happens.