December 8, 2016

Should You Get A Second-hand Refrigerator?

Did you know that 35% of women and 25% of men say they buy more secondhand products than new products? This is according to Global Market Insite, Inc (GMI), a digital data collection and marketing research company.

Whether you’re part of that percentage who buys more secondhand products or just considering, it’s always best to know the pros and cons of any secondhand product transaction. In this article, we’re going to explore the pros and cons of buying one product: a secondhand refrigerator.



The main reason why people buy secondhand is the price, that much is obvious. An average two-door refrigerator could cost more or less AED 2,500, but a secondhand one could cost half that. Imagine what other appliances you could buy from more than a thousand AED. This is also a concern an solution for people who move a lot. Buying a brand new refrigerator only to sell it after a few months’ use is a total waste of money.

Moreover, most appliances have a long life span, thanks to our technology. Therefore, buying something cheaper but could be used for a long time gives more value to the money.

Finally, whether or not the threat of global warming is true, buying a second-hand refrigerator would help take care of the environment. For one, this could reduce the waste thrown in landfills.



While second-hand refrigerators can still work for a long time because they’re hardy appliances, this doesn’t mean that operational costs are lower, too. It could even be the opposite. Because most secondhand refrigerators are older, there’s a chance that these are made before the energy conservation movement which set the standard for how refrigerators are made thereafter, so these units will probably consume more energy.

Then there are those secondhand fridges that work just fine but still have broken parts, like door handles or the knobs for temperature control. While finding a person or a shop to repair it is manageable, finding the actual parts for it will be more difficult. Manufacturers, as a rule, don’t produce certain units and their parts after a long time because that’s the point of making better models. So repairing old secondhand units is such a drag. It’s expensive, tedious, and difficult.

Should or shouldn’t you?

Buying secondhand refrigerators is a gamble. Brand new units promise full functions, unadulterated parts, and a full warranty. And they’re longer warranties, too. A lot of secondhand fridges don’t have warranties, while the ones that do tend to be short, like a couple of weeks. You don’t know what to expect and there’s no guarantee. The secondhand fridge you got might be a total jerk and just break down right after the short warranty expires or right before your great party.

Buying secondhand appliances is a part of the world culture of technology, so it’s best to note these pros and cons to help you decide whether buying secondhand refrigerators is best for you or not.