December 11, 2016

Buy ColourPop Holiday Collection 2016 in UAE

Treat your self and your girlfriends this holiday season with a wide selection of make up with the ColourPop Holiday Collection! If you’re into collecting makeup products or know someone who is, ColourPop’s latest product, the ColourPop Holiday Collection, is a must-have to complete any makeup collection. So this season, make sure you’re armed and ready for beauty anytime, any day of the year.

The ColourPop Holiday Collection includes the following:

Kiss and Tell ($30) – A metallic lip-gloss set that includes five of the Ultra Glossy Lips selection in matte, frosted tubes. Four shades are exclusive to the holiday collection, which are Playback (light gold), Swinger (taupe), Furry (burgundy), Flatline (bronzy gold) and Tight Fit (peachy pink), one of ColourPop’s best-selling glosses.


For Fox Sake ($20) – This set has five full-size tubes of liquid lipstick and lip gloss: My Jam (warm golden nude shimmering with silver and gold in a glossy finish), Trap (dusty greyed out beige in a matte finish), Echo Park (warm peachy nude in a satin finish), Man Eater (shimmering rose gold in a metallic finish), and Beeper (warm mid-tone taupe in a matte finish).

Forever and Never ($20) – It has five full-size tubes of liquid lipstick and lip gloss in shades of Airplane Mode (dirty peach), Bumble (dusty warm terracotta), LAX (vampy blackened red), Teeny Tiny (deep greyed out plum), and Clueless (dusty mauve pink).

Blues Baby ($20) – This set includes the colors Mink (deep greyed out mauve brown), Smitten (dark blackened violet red), Play Date (rich blackened magenta), Avenue (deep yellow red), and Notion (rich red violet).

Just Peachy ($12) – This lip bundle comes in three shades: Instigator (mid tone peachy nude in a matte finish), Screenshot (mid tone nude peach in a satin finish), and Speed Dial (rich peach in a matte finish).

Never Not Chillin’ ($30) – This set has six shadows in four different finishes including Peekaboo (metallic ivory), the formerly dropped Thirsty Girl (metallic bronze), Desert (satin warm brown), Babykins (metallic burgundy), and Fairfax (matte dark chocolate). Its turquoise shade has a duo chrome finish and the set features the new Ultra Glitter called Patchwork.


The Good Times ($14.40) – This set of Ultra Matte Lip comes in five hues: Times Square (muted pink beige), Solow (neutral nude pink), Bad Habit (dusty mauve pink), Creeper (classic blue red), and Avenue (deep yellow red).

All Nighter ($14.40) – This foursome set has the tones Smash (neutral medium warm beige with a soft golden satin finish), Vega (cool-toned taupe gold sprinkled with gold, pink, and violet glitter in a metallic finish), To-a-T (mid-tone warm brown in a matte finish), and Mooning (rich blackened bronze highlighted with warm hints of pearlized glitter).

Love Line ($14.40 ) – Another foursome in the collection, this set includes the colors of Truth (neutral light beige eyeshadow with a warm satin finish), Sequin (copper penny with silver and gold glitter), Brady (soft dusty rose in a matte finish), and Static (deepened burgundy in a pearlized finish).

On A Whim ($14.40) – This Ultra Satin Lip set has five tubes, namely Magic Wand (light nude), Mess Around (mid-tone grey beige), Stud (warm brown terracotta), TooLips (deepened plum brown), and Dopey (dusty mauve).

To And From ($30) – This contains six Lippie Stix in matte and super-matte finishes, which includes the best-selling Matte X Lippie Stix: Cami. This also has two new shades, the Weekender (true red) and Pack Pack (dusty plum). Lastly, three discontinued shades are making a comeback in this set: Baewatch (dusty rose), Tutu (berry), and Parker (warm nude).


Peachy Keen ($14.40) – This set has longwearing crème powder in colors of Crimper (soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter in a metallic finish), Kennedy (true mid tone peach in a matte finish), Cornelious (mid-tone warm caramel in a matte finish), and Bandit (warm rusty brown with a matte finish).

So which of these would you gift your self and your girlfriends? You can buy them at or order them at EzeenahGlamazleEstilo, and Laylam.