December 13, 2016

Rock Your Office Party with These Three Makeup Looks

It’s party season! A great hairstyle and a stunning dress work wonders, but you’ll need more than these to rock your next party.

The holiday season is also the season to party and be merry so in the next few weeks, you’re sure to go to a party or two, whether you’re hosting or guesting. Some of these are probably going to be corporate parties that need a decent amount of dressing up (a lot, actually). You may already have that dress, killer shoes, and a great plan for your hair.

So what’s left? Your makeup. From perfect eyebrows to red lips, there’s a holiday look that can make a lasting impression on your friends and newfound acquaintances during your office parties. Here are some tried and true makeup looks that you can do so don’t panic just yet.

1. Do the Smoky Look

The smoky eye makeup look never fails to impress, no matter what type of party you’re attending. It’s posh and simple at the same time. It’s high-fashion without being too high-concept.


How to apply: Use a primer to prevent smearing (try the Smashbox Photo finish liner). Apply concealer and some powder to hide the dark circles under your eyes. Curl your lashes then use dark eye shadow, lightly. It doesn’t have to be just black, you can apply shades of brown, grey, moss green, and even some shimmery gold to do your smoky look. For more choices, we recommend getting an Urban Decay Cosmetics Smoky Eye Shadow Palette.


2. Go for the Classic Cat Eye and Red Lips

Nothing beats the classic red lips and cat eye look for any office party. It’s an alluring, simple yet elegant, eye-catching look that’s sure to turn heads.


How to apply: Apply shimmery eye shadow to make your eyes stand out. Afterwards, draw a line from the outer corner of your eye at an angle, so make sure you use L’Oreal’s Infallible the Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner for a smudge-free look. Create a triangle at the tip of the line you just drew and fill the triangle with the liquid liner. Connect the triangle to the lash line and smoothen out any mistakes. For the red lips, use MAC Lip Liner to create an outline for your lips — make sure the liner has a similar shade to the red lipstick you’ll be using. Coat your lips with your classic red lipstick, and you’re all done!

3. Rock the Night with Monochromatic Lips and Bold Eye Shadow

This simple look goes well with any outfit you want. It also makes you look fresh throughout the night, especially if you plan to party until dawn. The best part is it doesn’t need too much work to sport this look.


How to Apply It: Apply shimmery gold or silver eye shadow. To highlight your eyes and create contrast, apply dark liquid eye liner. Curl your lashes and apply some mascara. L’Oreal Telescopic Original Mascara fits the bill quite nicely for this look. Apply bronze blush on to create a contour for your cheeks. Lastly, go bold with nude lipstick and top it off with a light lip gloss.

Be the star of the night with these elegant, easy-to-do makeup looks and you’ll surely make every office party a memorable feat.