December 14, 2016

UAE makeup brands are better because of this reason

There’s a vast selection of international makeup brands and only a few countries produce them but did you know the UAE has its own?

Of course it does. The UAE’s cosmetics industry is a thriving market and a veritable hub for cosmetics retailers and enthusiasts. Why shouldn’t it have its own, right?

But why choose UAE makeup brands? They are a cut above the rest because they are tailor-made for the Emirati woman’s tastes and beauty needs. Who else can understand you better and speak to your sensibilities but a homegrown beauty brand?

If you’re looking for local UAE brands to try, here are three of our favorite suggestions:


Huda Beauty


As Huda Beauty’s latest product (the Huda Liquid Matte Vault) proves, this local brand is making its name in the international cosmetics scene. Established by the region’s most popular beauty blogger Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty was launched in 2013 with their Lash Collection. From then on, the brand has continued to expand to other products such as lip contour products in different hues (Flirt, Heatbreaker, Material Girl, and Medusa, are sold at $24 each), Liquid Matte lipsticks of different colors at $20 each, lashes from $18 to $30, and Stick-On Nails at $6.80 to $70.

The brand has a large fan base as proven by Huda Kattan’s 11 million followers on Instagram, which she often uses to market and show her products, giving her an edge over other competing brands in the market.

One Pure


OnePure is only sold in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Created by Canadian-born Layla Mandi, OnePure is a unique skincare line because it only uses halal ingredients for its products. Layla Mandi and OnePure intend to carry the lavish core of global brands without using the elements prohibited by Islamic law. OnePure has thirteen skincare products that include serums, toners, anti-aging creams, cleansers, lotions, and eye creams, all packaged in pastel pink and white containers. You can get OnePure’s Anti Aging Creme Cleanser and Perfect Toner at $25 each.



Our third choice is eighteen-year-old veteran makeup company Wojooh. Formerly known as Faces, Wojooh, is the self-styled “leading beauty retailer in the Middle East” (at least according to their website). According to the brand, Woojoh “has developed intuition, insight and expertise into the world of beauty in the Middle East – with fragrance, makeup and skincare at the heart of their expertise.”

Fashion blogger Najla Kaddour reviewed Wojooh’s makeup line WOW as “amazing,” adding: “All of their products are focused on the skin complexion and preferences of the women in this region which I think is great since almost every beauty product we purchase are Western brands and focused on Western women.” Touted as reasonably priced, WOW’s lip products are sold from AED 65 to AED 85, blush products from AED 65 to AED 95, and nail products at AED 55. Learn more about their products on their website,


With these three makeup brands, you can be beautiful and original while supporting local brands. Which homegrown products do you use? Let us know in the comments!