December 20, 2016

5 Things You Need To Know About The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just released a trailer of their latest product that blew the collective minds of gamers and tech enthusiasts everywhere: the Nintendo Switch. The new console will be launched on March 2017 and we can’t wait to lay our hands on this beauty.

Last March 2015, Nintendo announced that they’re working on a new console they called NX (the Nintendo Switch’s name in development). With the Wii U’s poor performance, the new Nintendo Switch provided fans with a ray of hope and a new way to experience entertainment inside and outside the home.

So why is the Nintendo Switch such a big deal? Here’s what you need to know.

1. It’s a hybrid console


The Nintendo Switch’s main selling point is its console/tablet hybrid design. Using this device, you can switch from traditional home console to a portable one, giving you a seamless gaming experience wherever you are.

There are five ways you can use the Switch: as a home console with a conventional controller (called the Pro controller, if you want the traditional feel of gaming) or its Joy-Con gamepad, as a handheld console, as a portable console where you can put the Switch upright with a kickstand and detach each of the handheld console’s controllers for single player, a multiplayer mode in the same kickstand configuration with each half of the controller turned into a gamepad for two players, and a four-player mode using two Switch units.

2. Its convertible gamepad, the Joy-Con


The Switch’s controllers are called the Joy-Con. These can slide easily on and off the tablet in order to switch between handheld console and home console. The Joy-Con looks reminiscently like a Wii U gamepad and a total gamechanger compared to its predecessor. The Joy-Cons are detachable, allowing multiplayer games on one portable unit.

3. It has an optional “Pro” controller


The console also boasts a “Pro” controller that is somewhat an upgrade to the “Pro” controller on Wii. The Pro controller has a traditional d-pad, two analog sticks, and buttons. This makes the Pro controller more suitable for people who prefer traditional gameplay.

4. It uses cards similar to the 3DS instead of discs


The Nintendo Switch uses cartridges or GameCards similar to the ones you insert in a 3DS. It’s an appropriate direction for a hybrid console, making it easier to load games instead of the traditional discs that take up more space.

5. It provides a great list of exclusive games you shouldn’t miss


There are only a couple of confirmed games for the Switch but Nintendo has promised to provide more games that span different genres. Among the confirmed games that you can play using this new console are Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, the new Super Mario, and Splatoon. These may seem few but you can expect more to come as around 50 developers have pledged support for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has yet to announce the exact date and price for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been struggling to boost their sales in recent years but with this new console, it may just be what the brand needs to rise up again from the failed Wii U. The Nintendo Switch is a veritable game changer that gives us a new way to play video games and we can see what sort of future we’re looking at in the world of gaming.