December 20, 2016

Could this be Samsung’s First Foldable Phone?

Samsung fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy X next year, marking 2017 as the year of promising updates and gadgets that aims to wow technophiles. But even this early, there are some pretty crazy rumors revolving around Samsung Galaxy X that are just a little unbelievable. So how is the new Samsung Galaxy X going to be different?

A Foldable Samsung?

There have already been rumors of how LG is going to partner up with Apple and Google to supply them with foldable OLED screens so contrary to our initial reaction, this seems to be a very real development for the smartphone industry. You can even Google “LG foldable screen” and they seem more tangible than concept images of a foldable Samsung screen.

So it’s not surprising that there have been talks about Samsung’s plans to make the Galaxy X a foldable handset, combined with their superior AMOLED display technology. One of the patents that caught the eye of developers is a particular design that resembles a clam shell phone.


There have also been rumors that the company has been working on incorporating this technology in their new models. Nonetheless, this remains an interesting development in the smartphone market. Additionally, Samsung is far from abandoning its water- and dust-proof metal and glass design due to the public’s warm reception. We don’t know how that plays into the planned foldable design, but it’s not a long shot for Samsung to try and incorporate this design.

Another Impressive Camera in the Works

Another highlight in the Samsung Galaxy X development is improved camera functions. The unit will most likely have a dual rear-facing camera module sourced from Samsung’s own camera division, unlike their previous models. There’s a possibility that Samsung Galaxy X will replicate the camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 and we can’t dismiss the other possibility that the Galaxy X will feature a new camera sensor.

What’s Inside the New Samsung Galaxy X?


There are speculations the Galaxy X will have a new processor, presumably the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620, 820, or 830. It’s doubtful that Samsung will use something newer for the Galaxy X’s processor but the aforementioned processor models will most probably be released in 2017.

If Samsung plans to equip their new model with next-gen processors, there’s a huge possibility that the production and release will be pushed into the second half of the year, which is too much of a stretch even for Samsung.

It’s expected that the new unit will have 3GB of RAM, a non-removable battery, and a MicroSD slot to provide expanded storage. The removal of the headphone jack is still up for debate, as Samsung fans are divided in its inclusion in newer models.

Samsung Galaxy X opens a new category of smartphones if the predictions for its design come true. After all, Samsung is doing anything it can to recover from the losses it incurred due to the defects of the previous Galaxy Note 7. We can only hope for the best features when the Galaxy X comes out.