December 20, 2016

Facial Hair Management 101

For some people, facial hair can be a problem. You’re here because you need some guidance so trust us, we’re here to help. 

Now, what you do about how you look is always your choice. Some people don’t need help while some people do. But whatever your choice, facial hair ain’t easy. Well, it isn’t easy by default because society and various cultures have different attitudes towards facial hair, beauty, and gender but that’s another issue for another day. Anyway, let’s get back to helping you!


Waxing is normally done in a salon but you can do it on your own, too. This is an easy and often inexpensive method, which allows you to remove the hair from its roots, leaving specific parts of your face hair-free for a longer period of time. While the traditional manner of waxing could be a bit painful, there are new ones that are relatively painless, such as chocolate and mango waxing. There are also products out in the market (like Veet’s wax strip for example) that you can use at home. This is best for those who can’t go out or set salon appointments.



If waxing is not for you, then try using a razor. Razors are easy to use and there’s no special skill needed, just nimble hands. It’s cheaper and less painful than waxing. A single razor, whether a disposable, an electric, or a cartridge, could last a few months, especially if its only use is for your face.

It uas been said time and again that shaving will only make the hair grow back thicker and darker. There’s no concrete proof for this yet. However, shaving bumps and tiny nicks are a common occurence so make sure that you shave sparingly and carefully



Now, if you really don’t like using a razor on your face, you can always pluck the hair using tweezers. It’s a cheap and effective way to remove hair from any area on the face, albeit slower than waxing or shaving. If you’re taking this option, better set aside some time for this. It maybe uncomfortable at first (it’s like waxing in slow motion, after all) but you’ll get used to it eventually.



Epilators are electrical devices that are used to temporarily remove hair at the follicles. They are basically electronic tweezers used to remove unwanted hair. So if you prefer tweezing but don’t have enough time and energy to go through them all one strand of hair at a time, get an epilator such as the Braun Epilator.



This ingenious method of facial hair removal uses around 15-20 inches of thread and with the right technique, is actually more effective and faster than plucking. You can have this done in a salon or by yourself and there are hundreds of tutorials out there to help you out. While this method maybe uncomfortable on the first few tries, with enough time and practice, the discomfort will go away eventually.



On the other hand, if you don’t like the maximum effort needed to physically remove facial hair, you can try bleaching them. This would camouflage the hair and make them less visible. Just make sure that you choose the color that best matches your skin tone. This can easily be done at home and the effect stays for a few weeks.



Finally, there’s the most advanced and most expnsive method, laser hair removal. This is one of safest and most effective methods for permanent hair removal. This method doesn’t cause any infections or leave any marks, and the effects are truly long lasting. However, this method is a bit pricey. One appointment could cost around AED 500.


Have you tried any (or all) of these? Which works best for you, how do you do it, and which salon do you go to? Whichever method you use, always remember to do them safely.