December 20, 2016

Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

The year 2016 has been an interesting year in style. It’s already December and as the year draws to a close, then you’re probably wondering where style trends will go next year. Would pleats, marled knits, and denim continue to stay in our closets in 2017? Or would new designs simply replace these? Whatever the style, we can’t wait to find out what new thing 2017 has in store for us so here’s our 2017 trend predictions.

1. Ruffles Them All


Next year, we predict that ruffled tops and dresses will take center stage in casual, office, and even formal wear. The 2017 Spring collections of fashion companies such as the House of Holland, Zimmermann, and Giambattista Valli include ruffles in their clothing line.

2. Flaunt Your Should In Your Off-Shoulder


The year 2016 is also the year of off-shoulder tops and dresses, and this is anticipated to continue until the earlier parts of the new year. From the Spring collections of Alexander McQueen, Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, Chloé, and Vetements (whose off-shoulder collections did a crossover with sweatpants and track pants), off-shoulder clothes will be a prominent part of your 2017 outfit lineup.

3. Show Your Colors


For the upcoming year, various colors and schemes are anticipated to lead the runway. For instance, whites would still be preferred by most designers, which are present in many Spring 2017 collections such as from Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta’s. Clothing lines like DKNY and Victoria Beckham showcase collections using a wide array of bright colors, including green and orange. Prints, especially floral, will also be a prominent part of 2017 trends, as shown by Ports and Tibi in their spring collections. We expect stripes to make a big comeback this 2017, too.

4. It’s The Cut


If you wore a lot of skinny jeans, skater skirts, or dresses this year, well it’s time for new cuts to rise to prominence next year. As shown in their Spring collections, Bare and Alexander Wang are off to fill our closets with new cuts. For trousers, expect to see more straight cuts and for knee-high dresses, expect more narrow-cut pieces.

5. Crowning Glory


To top off our 2017 style predictions, expect neat and simple hairstyles to become a trend. From the high ponytail that pairs well with your casual attire, to the elevated ballerina bun that you can partner with your formal wardrobe, then to the casual and effortless style of letting your hair simply flow during a normal work day, easy hairstyles are the way to go next year.

Which of these colors and cuts are already in your closet? What other style predictions can you make for 2017? Let us know in the comments!