December 20, 2016

Parents, need help? These 5 Products Are Ready to Give a Helping Hand

Parenting is so much hard back-breaking work that a child requires a whole town’s worth of people to raise well. Any parent will tell you that parenting is hard. Any parent who tells you that it’s a piece of cake doesn’t know what they’re talking about so we suggest you keep away from them immediately.

Parenting, no matter how exciting and fulfilling it is, is always one of life’s most difficult phases next to marriage. From trying to calm a crying baby to preparing their food, even the simple act of just looking after them needs a substantial amount of skill and patience.

It’s a good thing there are products out there that can help parents meet even just the bare minimum of parenthood, especially the new ones. So here are some appliances that we think can help you out if you wanna have babies, already have babies, or help other parents out who wanna have babies or already have them.

1. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System


Let’s begin with baby food makers. The main reason why babies cry is that they are hungry, otherwise they’re in pain or you’re doing something wrong (or both). But the food has to be soft and easy to swallow, not because they prefer it that way, they don’t have the higher brain functions to know that yet, they aren’t Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsey who will critique your food and tell you you’re the worst cook ever apart from being a bad parent. No, it’s because they’ll eat that food anyway and they’ll choke. In this case, parents could use baby food makers, such as the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System, which is currently sold at AED 312. With baby food makers, parents can make a whole week’s worth of their baby’s favorite healthy and nutritional food in just minutes. Just make sure you store them properly so they’d last longer.

2. Philips AVENT Electric Steam Sterilizer (4-in-1)


After eating, it’s time to clean that apocalyptic mess and mayhem that your baby made with food all over the dining area along with your sanity. Baby utensils aren’t cleaned in the same manner as adults’ utensils are. These need extra work and sterilizing, especially baby bottles. Sterilizing them helps remove bacteria that mere soap and water can’t. There are a lot of sterilizers in the market but the Philips AVENT Electric Steam Sterilizer (4-in-1) sold at AED 489 takes the cake for being included in the 2016 review of best sterilizers.

3. Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump


Ever heard of the advice, “Breastfeeding is best for your baby”? If you’re the mother (I just wanna make sure, you could be a father reading this), it is except the part where your baby switches to beast mode and bites the hell out of your nipple with the force of a dying sun. Then there’s also the problem where some aren’t capable of breastfeeding full time because of work, or school, or the pain was still too great from the last time you had to breastfeed (again, if you’re the mom). To solve this problem, moms can use a breast pump such as the Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump sold at AED 426.

4. LeapPad 3/iPad Mini 4


Now, we know it’s important to let your kids be bored sometimes because that spurs their imagination and creativity. But sometimes your kids can be insufferable when they aren’t occupied (never underestimate a child’s boredom). So the next time you’re going for a long trip or a wait in a long line at the dentist, give them some quality portable entertainment mixed with education material. Give them a tablet, such as the iPad Mini 4 sold at AED 935 or the LeapPad 3 sold at AED 485. And make sure you’ve installed educational apps on them, we don’t want you to ruin them too much with technology.

5. Withings Smart Baby Monitor


Having a baby is your sleep time going on an extended holiday to Fiji (unless you’re in Fiji, in which case it’s in Iceland) until your baby is old enough not too cry too much during night time. So if you plan to put your baby in a separate room while still being worried about them anyway because you love them more than anything else in the world, get a baby monitor. Good thing there are smart baby monitors like the Withings Smart Baby Monitor (AED 749). This baby monitor has a camera that can stream a video of your child to your smartphone so you can watch them from anywhere in the house.

Are there any appliances you can suggest out there that can help out parents? Tell us in the comments!