December 20, 2016

The Five Shoes Every Girl Must Have

One of the elements of a great wardrobe is a stylish pair of shoes. Your shoes are the final piece to complete your fashion ensemble so if your shoes don’t go well with your entire outfit, you might as well head back in and change out of your clothes.

So, what type of shoes go well with a particular style of clothes? What type of footwear should you choose based on your personality? To make choosing easier, we’ve created this quick guide on the five shoes every girl must have in their wardrobe.

1. Ballet Flats


If you want to look good without all the fuss, go with ballet or skimmer flats. They’re simple and they exude a casual elegance given the right color paired with the right outfit. Minus all the fuss, it’s ladylike and casual enough to pair with any outfit whether they’re everyday shift dresses or jeans. The best thing about them is they’re comfortable to wear. If you aren’t too fond of high heels (or just find them unnecessary with your current lifestyle), ballet flats are a necessity. You can visit a store like Repetto if you’re looking for a nice pair.

2. Canvas sneakers


Who says being ladylike is just about wearing high heels? You can still rock that casual look by choosing the best pair of canvas sneakers you have. These not only make your outfit look chic, but also provide your feet some form of casual comfort, especially if you’re going to walk around the city. You might want to look at Converse and Vans as your main brands when shopping for this type of footwear. If you’re getting Converse, make sure you get the one with Arch Support for added comfort.

3. Black pumps


The UAE is a hub for fashion in the Middle East so it’s not surprising to see women rocking their black pumps to and from their office. These are a vital part of any woman’s wardrobe, which is useful for adding a Parisian flair to your outfit when you’re going to work or going out to dinner with your friends. If you want to get a nice pair, you can start looking at Steve Madden, Michael Kors, and Aennis Eunis for a fashionable pair of black pumps.

4. Suede booties


If you want a little edge to your look, suede booties can do the trick, perfect for your fall and winter wardrobe. You can match them with your jeans or your favorite winter dress. Shop at Zara and you’ll definitely fall in love with their collection of suede boots.

5. Everyday sandals


If you’re tired of always wearing enclosed shoes and want to give your feet some fresh air, sandals are always a great option and a more fashionable alternative to flip-flops. They’re comfortable to wear and goes perfectly well with summer dresses. You can even choose sandals with a studded finish and fun colors to give more accents to your outfit. Aldo, Top Shop, and Call It Spring have a few interesting pieces that might catch your eye when shopping for a new pair.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of shoes is comfort, whether its standing up, walking, or sitting down. Take your time in choosing your pair and make sure you have at least one of every type of footwear we’ve mentioned above. You’ll never know when you might need one!