December 20, 2016

What’s Your UAE Winter Outfit?

Winter is also the season where we can finally put on fashionable warm clothing we couldn’t wear during the warm, sunny months. Depending on your choice and the right circumstances, there’s always something about winter wear that’s practical, elegant, comforting, and edgy. So if you’re going out in the cold or going somewhere more wintry, make sure you’re prepared. 

Thermal wear


Pack your thermal wear, including leggings and long-sleeved shirts. Best if you could get these in dark or neutral colors, such as black and gray, as these are easy to mix-and-match with. More importantly, choose your socks well and make sure they’re thick and warm. Long socks do nicely with dresses.



If traveling light, you might want to bring one coat or jacket (maybe leather or some durable fabric), which you can wear during your trip to avoid a bulky baggage. Bring three or more tops or sweaters as well, you’ll never know when you need multiple layers. There are coats that could be worn inside out with both sides having different designs, if you’re particular about wearing the same look at different places and different times.



For footwear, choose your boots. When you’re on the go, choose something travel-friendly that’s easy to take on and off at the airport. These can be zip-up boots or one-buckle boots. These must be comfortable and flexible to keep your feet warm, dry, and cozy without the hassle of holding up the line while you tie them up. A second pair of shoes, such as sneakers for hiking or pumps for a fancy dinner, wouldn’t hurt, but plan on wearing your boots while traveling since they’d take up too much space in your bag.



There are many accessories you can choose from that’ll keep you fashionable and warm throughout your trip. For instance, you can get a scarf. The knitted variety are warm and cozy.

You can also try an elegant hat or a cute knitted beanie (they’re like socks for your head). If you’re going somewhere super cold, we advise getting gloves, especially the leather ones because they look super good with elegant winter wear.

Mix and match

Now that you’re done with the essentials, how you mix and match better determine your overall look. For your reference, here are some of the best winter wear combinations this season.

1. Black Top + Leather Jacket + Flare/Skinny Jeans

2. Turtleneck Sweater + Belted Knee-high Coat + Heeled Ankle Booties

3. Printed Dress + Blazer + Ankle Booties

4. Black Dress + Black leggings/stockings + Suede Coat

5. Blouse + Skinny Jeans + Trench Coat + Ankle Booties

6. White Turtleneck + White Jeans + Statement Jacket + Over-the-Knee Boots

7. Plain fitted shirt + Wrap Skirt + Large scarf + Sneakers

8. Sweater Dress + Sneakers

9. Turtleneck + Textured Coat + Tights + Flats

You can check out more winter wear combinations here. What do you think looks good for winter? We’d love to see how you’d look in your winter travel outfit!