January 29, 2017

Can’t wait for March? Take a peek at the Samsung Galaxy S8 here

After the Note 7 fiasco that cost Samsung $17 billion, they’re back with a vengeance with the Galaxy S8.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 at this year’s first Unpacked event on 29 March 2017. It may be noted that this time, Samsung deviates from its traditional practice of introducing their latest flagships at the world’s biggest mobile phone event, the MWC, happening in February. We can assume that this is Samsung taking its time to do further tests on the Galaxy S8 to prevent a disaster similar to what happened to the Note 7.

Basic features

According to reports, Samsung will release two variations of the Galaxy S8, with the regular version at 5.8 inches with a 3000mAH battery–bigger than the average smartphone flagship–and the Plus version at 6.2 inches with a 3500mAH battery pack. Talk about taking “go big or go home” literally. Both versions will be outfitted with QHD AMOLED screens.


As a sort of smirk to Apple’s unpopular decision to remove its headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in favor of a slimmer body, Samsung retains the headphone jack, as well as the USB Type C port for charging and data transfers. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

Leaked pictures

Venture Beat released a photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on 26 January 2017 showing both front and back sides, with the latter sporting a metallic silver color similar to the Galaxy S7.

samsung s8_vb

Image from Venture Beat

Are we missing something here? Well there’s definitely something missing: the function keys and the mechanical home button are gone. Seems like Samsung is moving towards the infinity display path after the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Wrapping up

From the outside, it seems like Samsung has a new winner here with the larger-than-average displays at 5.8 and 6.2-inch. Nevermind the foldable phone, the Galaxy S8’s bezel-less (and now mechanical home button-less) display as shown in the leaked photo is sure to jump-start a smartphone infinity display war, especially now that reports are saying the LG G6 is going bezel-less too. Despite this major external change, Galaxy S8 kept the 3.5mm headphone jack, showing sensitivity to what works for its users.

Watch out as the the Galaxy S8 is unveiled on 29 March 2017, at this year’s first Unpacked event.