January 29, 2017

Check out this hi-res picture of LG’s new smartwatch

Finally a hi-res picture of one of LG’s two new smartwatches have been leaked and we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on the real stuff. Known previously with codenames Angelfish and Swordfish, the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport are set for release on 9 February 2017.

Both smartwatches will be the first to run on Google’s latest smartwatch OS, the Android Wear 2.0, which incidentally shall be launched around the same time. Previous forecasts said the two LG watches would be under the Nexus brand but as the launch date approaches, we see that Google is only taking credit for the OS.

LG Watch Style

Looks like LG is trying to vogue its way to the top of the smartwatch competition with the LG Watch Style. Its circular display is set with a 1.2” screen at 360×360 pixel resolution, similar to the Samsung Gear S2. From the looks of it, the LG Watch Style could be the go-to smartwatch for those who want less bulky models with a more high-end look and feel.

lg watches_style
LG Watch Style may come in silver and rose gold as seen in the leaked photos.

See more specifications below:

Connectivity Bluetooth, WiFi
Battery 240mAh
Waterproof Yes, IP67 water and dust resistant
Storage 512MB
Others iOS compatibility

LG Watch Sport

The LG Watch Sport, from the name itself, is the active wear version of the LG Watch. It’s bigger than the LG Watch Style, with a 1.38 inch circular display, and a 480×480 pixel resolution. Because it’s intended for those who maintain an active lifestyle and are into the great outdoors,  the LG Watch Sport comes with a heart rate sensor, and is water resistant and dust resistant.

lg watches_sport

Image from TechnoBuffalo

More specs here:

Connectivity 3G LTE, GPS, NFC
Battery 430mAh
Waterproof Yes, IP68 water and dust resistant
Storage 768MB
Others titanium and blue colors

More updates as we move towards the release date, so stay tuned.

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