February 19, 2017

Apple is recalling the iPhone 6s in the UAE. Find out if yours is eligible for replacement

Seems like Samsung isn’t the only one with power problems.

Apple announced last November that a number of iPhone 6s units sold in the United Arab Emirates–88,700 units to be exact–has been manufactured with a battery issue that is causing the unit to abruptly power down. The range of units sold in the UAE were manufactured in China between September to October 2015.

Apple Inc. is looking a at loss of 289 AED or 79 USD for every battery replacement, totaling in $7M in UAE alone.

According to Apple, there is no cause for alarm as the iPhone 6s batteries in question are not incendiary. The Cupertino-based corporation was quick to add that the only issue you’ll experience is an unexpected shut down of your iPhone 6s at any given time, so there really is no cause for alarm.

The defective iPhone 6s battery will be replaced for free, as long as there’s no other damage such as a cracked screen.

iphone 6s_internal 1

How to check if your iPhone 6s is part of the recall

So if you had bought your iPhone 6s in the UAE, how do you know if your handset is eligible for repair?

You can check online just by entering your serial number to find out if your iPhone 6s is affected by this recall. After verifying that there is an issue with your handset, you may contact the nearest Apple retail store or an Apple-authorized service provider to make an appointment, or to confirm availability of replacement.

A few reminders before handing over your iPhone 6s for repair

Be sure to back up your data and turn off your Find My iPhone feature. Erase all data and settings by choosing Erase All Content and Settings which you will find in Settings>General>Reset.

Good news is if you’ve previously had some repair work done because of the battery defect, you may apply for an Apple refund here.