March 13, 2017

How fast will UAE’s 5G network be?

Etisalat is now at the final stages of setting up a 5G network in Dubai, according to Ali Amiri, chief carrier and wholesale officer Etisalat.  We’re sure you’re as excited about this new development as we are, so we dish out more about what this means for us mobile internet users in UAE.

Etisalat, the largest telecom company in the UAE, is looking at investing three billion dirhams to expand their infrastructures in preparation for the 5G technologies requirements.

The project has been ongoing for quite some time, as forward-thinking executives in Etisalat had foreseen what would be a huge demand for better mobile data services in the country as prompted by the apparent upgrades on smartphones released in the market year after year.

After the initial excitement upon hearing this news is the next obvious question: what are we really upgrading to when we finally have a 5G network in the UAE?

What is 5G technology anyway?

5G, from the term itself, is the fifth generation mobile wireless standard based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology. A standard for 5G is yet to be firmly set, but if you’re having difficulty digesting what that definition meant, 5G simply means wireless connection that’s faster and better than the current 4G network.

Somehow it’s like everything we see these days is Ultra HD so downloading videos in particular  won’t be much of a chore for the 5G network, so say buh-bye to buffering or loading icons as speeds will be incredibly faster.

Just how fast is 5G?

5G puts the pedal to the metal, with a speed difference from 4G of up 100 to 1,000 times.

To give you a point of reference, Telstra, an Australian telecom company, had an average speed of 24.37 Mbps. Its 5G speed trial yielded  speeds of  up to 20 Gbps (20,000 Mbps). Can you imagine how many things you can download from iTunes in just a second?

In the UAE,  a demo care of Etisalat was held at GITEX Fall 2o16, showing how your average internet speed could go up to a whopping 36 Gpbs with a 5G network. Now you can download huge files, watch videos, send or upload HD photos, and use your smart appliances all at the same time without worrying about slowing anything down.

How long will it take to experience 5G in UAE?

Game changing technology just doesn’t happen in a snap. While 5G demos and tests are having more exposure to the media and the rest of the world these days, the UAE 5G network will be in full capacity only by 2020, in time for the Dubai Expo.

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