March 16, 2017

Doing this online can get you fined and deported from UAE

Ever find yourself wanting to leave nasty comments on a Facebook page? Better think twice as UAE’s crackdown on cybercrime is no laughing matter.


In a report by Khaleej Times, the Dubai Courts had issued an order for a 250,000 AED fine and deportation after hearing a cybercrime case against a 26-year-old man. The defendant was found guilty of committing the crime back in August 2016, in the form of posting malicious comments and photos on Facebook defaming popular Indian jewelry brand Malabar Gold and Diamond.

The nature of the posts put Malabar Gold and Diamonds in a bad light and was seen as an opportunity by business rivals to launch a smear campaign against the Indian brand. Malabar Gold and Diamonds immediately took control of the situation by distancing itself from those images and bringing the case to a proper venue, which was the Dubai Courts.

cybercrime 2
The company later withdrew the case after the defendant confessed to the act and issued a formal apology. However, the Dubai Public Prosecution office took a staunch position and went ahead with the case.

This court verdict should come as a strong reminder to watch your actions and be mindful of your behavior at all times and in all forms, including when going on social media as a seemingly innocuous act can get you severely punished by the UAE law.