March 18, 2017

Google confirms release of Pixel 2 for 2017

Google has confirmed the release of a new Pixel phone later this year and we’re excited about what we could see in the Google Pixel’s next iteration. A possible release date for the Google Pixel 2 is October, same month as the first Pixel’s release last year.

The Google Pixel is one of the best smartphones in the market thanks to its innovative features, a veritable rival to the iPhone 7 for its extravagant price, but even the Pixel had its flaws. If Pixel 2 is going to come out, the first iteration’s flaws should be addressed.

The Internet is awash with speculations of Pixel 2’s specifications, which are a mixture of rumors and wishful thinking. If Google is somehow listening (reading, actually), we hope they consider the best parts of the rumor mill for their Pixel follow up. Granted, some of them may actually be right, but it’s going to be a long shot to get everything.

Rumors and Speculations

Inside Image_pixel 2

Following recent smartphone trends, the Pixel 2 will be waterproof with at least IP68 certification. If Google can manage to outdo itself and its competitors, it can go full waterproof if the technology allows.

It will improve upon the first Pixel’s chipset and camera, which will undoubtedly justify its rumored higher price. It’s looking like the Snapdragon 835 is the best and latest chipset that 2017 flagship phones are running so it’s fairly possible that the Pixel will run the same unless something better comes along in the months running up to the release. For memory, 6GB of RAM would be reasonable since that seems to be the average in this year’s high end phones.

There’s also a rumor that Google might omit the 3.5mm headphone jack from its Pixel 2 in favor of a USB Type-C port just like the iPhone 7. There’s also a chance it will be released along with the launch of Android O.

Cheaper price

The Pixel was a rival of the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of price even though it found itself lacking in some aspects compared to its cheaper counterparts from other brands. So we’re hoping that the Pixel 2 is cheaper. If it can’t do that, at least it better deliver on its features, essentials, performance, and design.

Apple can afford to release tech with high price points because of the power of their brand, but Google can’t automatically follow suit if their smartphones haven’t hit the mainstream yet.

Sharper Screen

The first Pixel has a 1080p screen so it isn’t much in the grander smartphone landscape since every other flagship phone has a QHD, including its XL sibling. So it’s possible that Pixel 2’s screen could be upgraded to a QHD-resolution screen. This would make even more sense with a Google Pixel 2 XL that’s compatible with the Daydream VR platform for a better VR experience.

Inside Image_pixel 2_2

Better batteries

The Google Pixel is full of cool features that are energy intensive so it only makes sense that if they’re going to create a device that’s faster and with more features, the battery better keep up with the upgraded specs. It has to exceed battery usage expectations since batteries degrade with longer and more usage. So please, Google, give the Pixel 2 a better battery.

Stereo speakers

Since they seem like going in the direction of no having a headphone jack, they might as well have earphones/headphones that will be different from the iPhone 7’s ridiculously small earphones that are easy to lose. Stereo speakers would also be great.


The Pixel 2 is a chance for Google to prove their mettle in terms of AI technology. So if there’s one thing they’ve got to make sure they’ll improve, it is Pixel’s Google Assistant.

A lot of other phones with Android 6.0 or higher are getting their own Google Assistant and if Google wants the next iteration for the Pixel to be a cut above the rest, they better improve the Google Assistant. It sure is an amazing update on previous phone smartphone assistants, but it’s not perfect. If Google could wow us with the Google Assistant back when the Pixel was first released, they could wow us again with a better, bolder, Google Assistant.