March 22, 2017

Top 5 best time-lapse cooking videos of all time

Since 2015, our social feeds have been flooded by those viral 1-minute cooking videos that are just so difficult not to watch. They’re everywhere on social media, and their YouTube channels are bursting with subscribers.

There’s so many of them out there but the most popular would have to be BuzzFeed’s Tasty series and Tastemade. They make you want to finally switch from eating out to cooking your own make-ahead food at home.

These videos were made (we’d like to think) for the busy millenial whose life is so fast-paced that there’s just no time to putter around in the kitchen anymore. Admit it, you would rather go out and buy a burger than cut up onions. However, because of these videos which show easy-to-make but absolutely yummy-looking food, more and more people–like us working long hours and feeling the pangs of hunger in the evening when we get home–are becoming less alienated to the idea of cooking for yourself, and maybe even for a friend or two.

We compiled our favorite videos in one fun list, in no particular order. Hope we didn’t forget anything, because there’s too many to mention. We’d love to know which videos are your favorite! Let us know in the comments section.

1. 7 Easy Chicken Dinners – Tasty

What’s in it?
Tasty compiled 7 easy chicken dishes for you to try: cheesy chicken and broccoli pasta, slow cooker honey garlic chicken, one-pan chicken and veggies, one-pot chicken alfredo, orange chicken, one-pot chicken fajita pasta, stuffed chicken parmesan

Why we love this video
If you want an entire week’s worth of recipes for lunch or dinner, here’s the video for you. Tasty compiled 7 easy recipes (some of them one-pot or one-pan dishes for easy clean-ups!) all in one video for you to try.

2. Easy Butter Chicken – Tasty

What’s cooking?
Raise your hand if you still haven’t tried Indian cuisine in your life. Yeah, no. That’s impossible, put your hand down, you there in the blue shirt. Indian cuisine has become a huge part of UAE life and if you’ve never tried butter chicken in your life, this is the perfect time to start.

Why we love this video
We’ve been eating butter chicken since we landed in UAE thinking it’s a super complicated dish. Tasty broke it down and made us believe that we lowly expats can do Indian cooking right.

3. Ultimate Grilled Steak Strangewich – Tastemade

What’s in it?
Everyone loves a good sandwich because it’s arguably the easiest to make. You just can’t go wrong with it. Tastemade has upped the game with the ultimate grilled steak “strangewich” for that quick lunch bag item.

Why we love this video
It’s a fact of life: sometimes we just get really busy and there’s just no time for anything else. We tend to gravitate towards what’s already in the fridge and make do with what we have. Tastemade knows that and they tell you what to do when you have some leftover steak and some bread in your pantry. This one’s  a tad bit fancier than most sandwiches BUT now we know how to take that ‘wich a notch higher.

4. The 3-Ingredient Japanese Cheesecake that Broke the Internet – Epicurious

What’s in it?
We don’t even know how to explain the simple awesomeness of this video. People from the world over are raving about how the Japanese make their light and fluffy cheesecakes. Now we know how, and there’s no stopping us from trying it the Epicurious way.

Why we love this video
Baking has always had a bad reputation among lazy cooks. Baking is supposedly an arduous process and will require a bajillion ingredients. But this videos tells you that you only need 3 ingredients–JUST 3 INGREDIENTS, PEOPLE!– to create this heavenly treat.

5. Twix Bars – Delish

What’s in it?
One of the most common candy bars in the UAE is Twix. Sometimes those two tiny bars are not enough, and this video shows you how to make them yourself in whichever size you want.

Why we love it
Finally, the secret’s out: Twix bars aren’t that complicated to make. If you don’t want to make your own caramel, you can buy some from the grocery and dump them in. Plus, now you can make it for everyone in your office to enjoy, minus all the preservatives. Or not, because you’re sure to polish them off by yourself.