March 27, 2017

How well do you know your Dubai apps? Find out in this quiz!

Living in the city can be stressful without the constant barrage of responsibilities and caveats that city living gives us. It’s a good thing that we have apps dedicated to living in Dubai. Are you a true city dweller? Find out your biz in this quiz!

Which app helps you on your job hunt around Dubai?

Which app by the Dubai Health Authority lets you access your medical records?

Which app offers safety and emergency alert services for your children within Dubai?

Which app lets you know the latest in Dubai’s airports at the touch of a button?

Which app lets you report incidents and/or complaints, with the option to take a photo or video and geotagging it, within the emirate directly to the relevant authorities?

Which app lets you connect with law enforcement, access essential services, and manage your fines around Dubai?

Which app is a smart geographic addressing system that lets you locate places around Dubai with great accuracy?

Which app assists you in getting the right transport services around Dubai?

Which app is the one you use to pay bills in Dubai?