March 28, 2017

4 things to remember if you’re flying from Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the entire world. How busy? Not a big deal, really. Only a whopping 83.6 million passengers transited through DXB in 2016, just a little over Germany’s population. Yes, Germany the European country. No, we’re not kidding.

As of January 2017, DXB has already seen about 8 million passengers with 90 airlines, flying to over 240 destinations worldwide. Apart from this sizable influx of travelers, the Dubai International Airport takes care of a 90,000-strong employee base all from diverse racial backgrounds.

If you’re an Emirati, an expat who’s flying in for the first time, or a traveler whose regular destination is Dubai, it won’t hurt to know these 4 things.

1. Dubai International Airport has 3 terminals, two of which are accessible by the Dubai Metro.

airport terminal 1_int

Dubai Airport Terminal 1 exterior. Image courtesy of

If you EVER forget which terminal to rush to (We know, traffic. *wink*), here’s something that could help you:

Dubai Airport Terminal 1 serves all airlines. This includes Concourse D. It has its own metro station–Airport Terminal 1.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is exclusively for chartered planes and special flights, e.g. flights carrying pilgrims.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3, including Concourse A, B, and C is dedicated to Emirates airline use. You can get there via Dubai Metro by alighting at Airport Terminal 3.

2. If you’re flying to the USA or UK, you need to put any electronic device bigger than your smartphone in your check-in luggage.

Just this week, the US and the UK have announced major changes to your in-flight experience. From now on, you can enjoy your flight to any US or UK airport from DXB free of electronic devices, except your smartphone.

Here’s a picture to help you remember which devices you need to put in your check-in luggage:

dubai airport int_2

What you can bring along in your carry-on luggage:
– smartphone not larger bigger than 9 cm x 16 cm x 1.5 cm
– small MP3 player
– small digital camera
– e-cigarette

Prohibited items include:
– tablet PC
– laptop
– portable DVD player
– game console
– mini projector
– mini printer
– mini scanner

3. Dubai International Airport has Smart Gates so you can skip long passport control queues.

We can’t emphasize it more: DXB is an extremely busy airport. Over 100,000 people pass through its gates every day, and that’s only for ordinary days. Imagine how long passport control queues can go on holidays or weekends. Now imagine yourself breezing through all that with your passport or your Emirates ID (if you’re a resident). All you need to do is scan your passport or your Emirates ID, and you’re off.

4. There’s FREE WIFI at DXB–and it’s the fastest airport WiFi in the world.
Desperately needing to send an email before your flight and your mobile data is just failing you miserably? WOW-Fi, as it’s aptly named, saves the day with its 100Mbps connection. Another WOW factor? All it takes to connect to WOW-Fi is JUST. ONE. CLICK.

Amazing thing, Dubai International Airport is. Now that you know these things, you HAVE to share it with your jet-setting friends. Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments box so we could add them in this list!

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