March 31, 2017

THE BEST things we found at GITEX Shopper Spring 2017 (and it’s not just electronics!)


GITEX Shopper 2017 at Dubai World Trade Centre

Everyone knows if you want to get the best deals on electronics, you HAVE to go to GITEX Shopper. Want to buy a laptop and get a free flash drive plus Bluetooth speakers plus gold coin plus amazing other items plus super powers? GITEX has got you covered (except the super powers of course).

Team Snappo went over to Dubai World Trade Centre for GITEX Shopper Spring 2017 and here’s some of the most interesting stuff for a well-rounded GITEX Shopper experience. When we say GITEX experience, it’s not just about the electronics! Read on!

1. MOTOROLA MOTO Z offer from Jacky’s Electronics

Thanks to Hareb of the Lenovo team, we discovered this amazing offer for the Motorola Moto Z, normally offered at 2,299 AED. It’s still at the same price tag, BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

moto z
If you buy the Motorola Moto Z, it comes with a FREE LAPTOP and a JBL Sound Mod. 

I don’t know about you but that sounds amazing to me.


Green surely captured our interest at GITEX Shopper Spring 2017 with XTOUCH. If you’re not well-acquainted with the brand yet, its latest brand ambassador is the Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

gitex 4

At GITEX Shopper Spring 2017, you can get their newest flagship phone, the Unix Pro, for only 999 AED.


If you buy the XTOUCH Unix Pro, you get a FREE powerbank and 4GB SD card.

3. EPSON L386 printer from Sharaf DG


The guys at EPSON L386 showed us how much of a great deal this printer/scanner/copier is.


It’s a multi-tasking machine that has an integrated ink-tank for super low-cost printing. According to Ahmad of the Sharaf DG EPSON team, it’s the best deal because for 1199 AED, you get a 3-year warranty and 10 FREE  bottles of ink that’s worth upwards of 100 dirhams.

4. TOSHIBA CANVIO external storage for smartphone

If there’s one thing that caught our attention at GITEX Shopper Spring 2017, it has got to be the Toshiba CANVIO storage device for Android smartphones. According to their product executive, you can back up your device while recharging your mobile by simply connecting it to CANVIO. No other step necessary.


Also, can we just say how knowledgeable their promo team members are about their products? Good work, Toshiba! We also got the best GITEX booth experience from these guys, too!

5. Mia Strada Italian food truck

While walking around finding the most interesting stuff at GITEX Shoppper Spring 2017, we got so hungry and went over to the Food Court section where our eyes zeroed in on the most attention-grabbing food station: Mia Strada.


Who would’ve thought GITEX Shopper would have this food gem?

Mia Strada is everywhere in the UAE, and rightfully so, as they serve organic food and gourmet Italian in a food truck. Pasta straight from a parmesan wheel? Man, that’s just delightful.

Move over, #SaltBae. We got a new star chef here.

Follow them on Instagram at @miastradadxb.