April 15, 2017

We went to the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch in Dubai, and it was just out of this world

April 11, 2017 – The Samsung Galaxy S8 officially lands in the City of Gold, and with it, amazing new mobile phone technology and accessories to die for.

Snappo.ae was invited to its official launch at Jumeirah Beach Hotel on April 11, 2017. Here’s some of the things we LOVE, which we’re sure you will love, too!

1. Samsung bounced back and stepped up–BIG TIME.

All it takes is one look to know the Samsung S8 is an amazing new mobile phone.

Samsung acknowledged that they learned from their mistake and is absolutely making it right this time with their 8-Point Battery Safety Check before releasing the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

s8 s8plus
Samsung has made obvious changes in design, as Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ both feature the Infinity Display, an almost bezel-less front without visible home and function buttons. They really brought it this time, we gotta say.

The Samsung S8 has a 5.8-inch screen that really gives you a more immersive user experience. The S8+ is even bigger and better with a 6.2-inch display. This doesn’t mean it’s bulky, though. It’s still fairly easy to grip and play around with even just one hand.

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Bezel-less means more display real estate that will enable you to get the more out of video viewing or other tasks you need to accomplish using your phone.  This is advantageous for creators and bloggers like us in Snappo for when we need to edit pictures or videos in real time for quick posting on social media channels.

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the Samsung S7 edge side by side (on their side).

side by side
Want to know more about what’s inside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+? Check out other Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ super specs here.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 has upped its security measures.

We all know that one of the issues mobile users are battling every day is mobile security. Sure, you can do everything with you mobile phone these days, but what happens when they fall into the hands of the bad guys who can rob you of virtually everything, including your identity?

This is where the new security features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 step in.


Apart from biometric authentication, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an iris scanner in front. Like your fingerprints, everyone has unique and complicated iris patterns, and if you lock your mobile phone in this manner, the only way anyone can get access to your phone is if they tear your eyeball out. Like in the movies. Yes, we know that’s kind of gross, but also true.

One of the most talked about topics with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its fingerprint scanner which is now situated at the back beside the camera lens. Is it true that it’s difficult to reach and Samsung could’ve done a better job at finding a more natural spot for it?

samsung s8 fingerprint sensor
NOPE. The fingerprint scanner is just fine where it is. Anyone who says otherwise is just nitpicking.

3. Just like a superhero franchise, Samsung Galaxy S8 is bringing its super friends, too.

In case you still haven’t heard, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with an army of accessories that just brings the entire game to the next level.


With your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S8 come AKG earphones manufactured by Harman, the company behind harman/kardon, one of the biggest names in audio equipment.

Another Samsung accessory that can give you a better user experience with your Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new Samsung Gear VR with motion control all in one package, plus an adjustable adapter so you can also use the Samsung S6 and newer models with it.

gear vr

Also present was the all-new Samsung Gear 360 which was introduced at the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch in New York. Why should you get one? Because you can shoot 360 videos in 4K, and through your device, upload it directly on YouTube or Facebook. Didn’t we say this is perfect for creators and people who like getting their friends updated about their adventures?

gear 360
OUR FAVORITE OF THEM ALL would have to be the Samsung Dex, which magically turns your mobile phone into a desktop device with the help of a monitor.

samsung dex

Image from Samsung

What is it exactly? It’s a dock that you can connect to a (preferably Samsung) monitor and will enable you to use your mobile apps like you would a desktop computer. It takes away the need to lug around your laptop if a monitor is readily available.

4. Samsung Pay is now available in UAE!

If you’re still a traditional shopper like some of us who would still make it a point to go to a store and say hello to the cashier, Samsung Pay has made it A LOT faster for you to do your transactions so you’ll still have time for coffee.

samsung pay
With Samsung Pay, all you have to do is download the app and register up to 10 credit, debit, or rewards cards so you can use them when you’re ready to go to the till. You can use your Mashreq credit card, Club Apparel rewards card, Carrefour rewards card, and many more. Now you don’t have to bring along ALL your credit cards and rewards cards as long as you have Samsung Pay.

5. Buy the S8 or S8+ and get 30% off your next flight with Etihad Airways!

Samsung sure has nice friends! Teaming up Etihad Airways, Samsung rewards loyal customers with 30% off on their air ticket to anywhere in the world aboard Etihad Airways. This offer is open to both Economy and Business class.

To complete the travel experience, anybody who purchases the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ will also receive discounts on hotel bookings of up to 40%, with an additional 12% for reservations made through hotels.com. This reward is exclusive to loyal Samsung customers in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.


We were delighted to know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be officially available on the 27th of April, but a source tell us to watch out as an earlier release may happen especially here in the UAE. The accessories may come after once the Samsung Galaxy S8 is out in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will retail for 2799 AED and the S8+ will be at 3099 AED. Not bad for such incredible and ground-breaking devices. We are so excited and we cannot wait to get them in our hands!

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