April 16, 2017

This Instagram post proves Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is the coolest ever

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, and Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, has already proven he is a forward-thinking leader whose innovative strategies has helped Dubai become one of the world’s hottest international tech hubs.

We already know Sheikh Mohammed is a technofile, and we all love his social media posts. We religiously check his Instagram account every day.

Who else can look THAT COOL in the desert?

Sporty. Very sporty!

مبروك حمدان .. ومبروك للإمارات الفوز بلقب بطولة العالم للقدرة .. أصبح فرسان الإمارات رقماً صعباً في البطولات العالمية لما يمتلكونه من خبرة كبيرة وقدرة عالية مكنتهم من خوض غمار أصعب التحديات والفوز بها بكل جدارة وهو ما عهدناه من أبناء الإمارات الذين أدركوا أن المركز الاول لا يستحقه إلا المثابرون والمخلصون في العمل Congratulations to Hamdan.. and congratulations to the UAE for winning the World Endurance Championship.. UAE equestrians have become strong competitors in global championships because of their great skills and experience which allows them to take on the biggest challenges and overcome them, which is our promise for the citizens of the UAE who know that first place is for those who persevere and are committed

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How about a little throwback here?

On April 15, he posted this on his Instagram account, therefore cementing his title as the coolest world leader ever.

Here he is pictured engaging in some summer activities like jetskiing, exploring the desert in a 4X4, and biking. This should encourage everyone in Dubai to get out there and be active (just don’t forget to put on sunblock!).

If this ain’t cool, then we don’t know what is. Follow Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on Instagram here.