April 27, 2017

Silicon Valley’s Newest Squeeze: The Juicero

Quick question: are you willing to spend half a thousand bucks on a juicer? Not the extractor type you see in shopping networks, where celebrity endorsers drop whole apples in a chute. This juicer we’re talking about literally squeezes the juice out of cut-up fruits.

If you are on the lookout for a new kitchen gadget that is capable of crushing the life force out of your beets and oranges, then you are in luck. Silicon Valley foodtech start-up Juicero, Inc. just released the world’s first internet-connected cold-pressed juicer which has a pressing force “enough to lift two Teslas,” claims company founder and juicing enthusiast Doug Evans.

juicero image 1

So how exactly does this machine do its magic? For starters, you have to purchase a pack of pre-cut fruits from the website, which contain only the freshest, hand-picked produce from the “best organic-certified farms”. After that, you need to download the iOS app so you can verify the freshness of your pack through a QR code before you start juicing. Once the pack is hanged in place, you just have to press a button to start juicing, wait for 3 minutes and voila! You can now quench your thirst with 8oz of raw juice. You can use the pulp for compost; or if you’re feeling extra healthy, consume it straight from the pack—which is also recyclable.

juicero 2Originally priced at $700, a single machine now retails for $399. The packs start at $5, while a bundle can cost you $29.99

There are a lot more alternatives in the market, and truth be told, you can actually squeeze the packs by hand if you have a really good grip; but if you’re a busy body who dislikes messy cleanups with extra cash to spare, then why not? The Juicero can be purchased online at www.juicero.com.

On the off-chance that you end up realizing that your Juicero is just taking up valuable space on your kitchen countertop, company CEO Jeff Dunn just announced last April 21 that they’re extending their money-back guarantee within the next 30 days to purchases made as far back as last year.