HTC’s newest flagship smartphone, HTC U11 is expected to be released in the United States and other markets next month. But before the much-awaited release, another good news is set to convince the users to shift to the mobile company’s

The Sims fans are ecstatic as their favourite video game catches up with the times. EA Inc. has just recently released a soft-launch version of The Sims Mobile in Brazil. Is it any different from the game that we loved for 17

Thousands of developers flocked the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, California for the 10th annual Google I/O Conference. They witnessed firsthand the latest announcements of the biggest name in mobile technology—including its plans for the future. If you’re not a

International demand for employees with tech-related skills and expertise has increased over the years. Companies especially here in Dubai now see the need for building up tech teams. This gives the tech field more value as ever before. Without a doubt, tech-related jobs pay

Microsoft launched Windows 10 S– the new system described to be more streamlined, secure, simple, and speedy. With the latest features and functions, the new operating system is dubbed to be every student’s best friend. Here’s why: Budget friendly Windows

Instant messaging is the glue of our current civilization. Currently we have a wide variety of instant messaging apps at our disposal in order to achieve this  but of course, this can also be limited by rules and regulations. UAE is

On regular days, Snappo tells you about the latest tech news, but today is a special day. Today’s the first day of Ramadan, which means we’re all looking forward to the first iftar. Don’t know where to go yet? If not, we

Different cities in the world offer varying types of transportation facilities. Each place has its own trademark efficiency, design, and connectivity. In the UAE, the Road Transport Authority, more specifically the Dubai RTA aims to provide passengers a seamless experience—taking advantage of

Just recently, a seemingly harmless string of e-mails wreaked havoc on over 200,000 computer systems in 150 countries all over the world, thus going down in history as the biggest cybercrime attack ever recorded. Although the Wannacry ransomware was contained

We know, we know—why buy expensive headphones when they can just go bust for no reason one day, or worse, get lost or stolen? For some, the answer is because you can always do better. And you know it’s gonna be