May 2, 2017

Is JadoPado really closing down?

JadoPado, one of the leading online marketplaces that cater to the UAE retail market, shocked the entire online retail community with a simple announcement.

Yesterday, an announcement was posted on their website saying that the “JadoPado experiment is at an end.”

The only explanation is that they have been acquired by a “large regional business” and cannot give more details as they’ve been “sworn to secrecy.”

This comes as a surprise to JadoPado’s regular shoppers (including us!) and probably its marketplace sellers. JadoPado has requested its sellers to file payout claims, with a scheduled closure of its hotcake panel on May 25, 2017.

How it all started

JadoPado started out in March 2011 with Omar Kassim envisioning a better retail experience for customers looking for high-quality products at lower costs. The name JadoPado roughly translates to “fatty” in North Indian dialects.

In 2015, JadoPado shoveled in $4 million (roughly 14.6 million dirhams) by selling a 14.8 percent equity stake in a Series A funding round with BECO Capital at its helm.

On May 1, 2017, the announcement that JadoPado is closing after 2,420 days signals an end of an era for e-commerce in UAE.