May 4, 2017

Whatsapp is down in the UAE and the rest of the world

Whatsapp, UAE’s favorite messaging app according to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, is down.

If you’ve been trying to use Whatsapp after midnight, May 4, 2017, then you may have noticed that you are unable to send and receive messages when normally Whatsapp is a reliable way to send messages, pictures, and other media.

But what exactly happened?

It’s all due to an ongoing update and a new feature that Whatsapp is integrating into its current services.

This new feature they are rolling out is supposed to allow you to pin a conversation to the top of your Whatsapp home screen.

Fortunately, Whatsapp peeps know what’s going down so they’ve assured the public that they’re working on it. We hope this won’t last long. *fingers crossed*