May 16, 2017

Access all Dubai government services with this new platform

Dubai has taken its smart city initiative one step further with its newest and most convenient platform yet: the DubaiNow portal.

The city’s newest unified public service portal was created to complement the DubaiNow app created through the Smart Dubai Initiative. It is available on both Google Play and App Store. This is yet another move in the direction of Shaikh Mohammed’s vision for a smart city where technology makes access to government services easier for Dubai citizens.

What can you do with the DubaiNow portal?

The new platform will provide the same convenient access for over 55 government services as the DubaiNow app.

Here’s some of the things you can do with the DubaiNow online portal once you’ve registered as a user.

1. Pay utilities and bills. You can now pay your traffic fines and DEWA bill online. User registration is required.

2. Plan your journey.  Whether you’re taking RTA Dubai transportation or getting on a flight, DubaiNow provides you complete flight information and navigation. You can also top up your NOL card through the portal!

3. Get security and justice information. Find the nearest police station, or inquire about the status of your court case.

4. Access health and medical information. Locate hospitals and pharmacies in the city, and even get information about vaccination plans provided by Dubai Health Authority.

5. Make sure you’re good to go on the road. As a driver, you’ll be able to check your fines if you have any, top up you Salik, and detailed information about your insurance and car registration.

6. Set up and maintain your business in Dubai. Now you can reserve your trade name, and search for trade license and activities.

DubaiNow mobile app
The DubaiNow App

The DubaiNow app launched in 2015 was created to unify government services under one convenient mobile app. With the establishment of the online portal, the app can serve mobile users while the website can serve those who prefer a desktop browser.

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