May 21, 2017

Samsung to Release the W2017 Flip Phone

2017 is the year of comebacks for the mobile phone industry. Immediately after Nokia relaunched its ingenuous 3310 model, Samsung retaliated by announcing that they have a new flip phone in the works. The Samsung W2017 is set to hit the stands before the end of the year.

Photo courtesy of Specphone


What’s inside?

The Samsung W2017 will be fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. Good enough if you’re not into running heavy apps in your phone. In terms of display, the Korean tech giant plans to equip the model with two 4.2 inch OLED screens—good news for those who want to access the phone without having to “unfold” it.

Photo courtesy of GSM Maniak

The W2017 will not disappoint selfie enthusiasts with its 5mp front-facing camera and 12mp rear camera. Moreover, it will have water-resistant capabilities just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The modern clamshell will also have a fingerprint scanner and is capable of wireless charging. With the W2017, Samsung combined the best of both worlds—the flip phone of a simpler era reimagined with the features of a modern-day smartphone. It will come in two colors, gold and black, based on the official photos.

Photo courtesy of Phone Arena

There’s no news as of press time whether the W2017 will be released outside of China and Korea. However it seems like the W2017 will be exclusively available in Asia just like its predecessor, the W2016. If want to get your hands on one, start saving up for its hefty price tag—rumors say the W2017 will cost around $2,950 (10,835 AED).