May 28, 2017

The 5 best instant messaging apps in the UAE

Instant messaging is the glue of our current civilization. Currently we have a wide variety of instant messaging apps at our disposal in order to achieve this  but of course, this can also be limited by rules and regulations.

UAE is still known for its strict telecom regulations, especially on apps. Not all apps are equal and only a few can operate in the country. A number of call and messaging apps can only operate with limitations on making calls except Skype.

Here are five of the best instant messaging apps currently in use in the UAE today:


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app in the UAE. It runs on Android, iOS, Windows, or some other OS. It’s convenient because setting up is easy, messages are instantly delivered, and images are compressed before being sent. To use this service, you need to register your mobile number.


Viber shares a lot of similarities with WhatsApp but could not really oppose the top instant messaging app in a big way. It gained its popularity by being one of the first IM apps to offer free voice calling but Viber is pretty useful in the UAE as an alternative to WhatsApp. Viber has a simple, streamlined interface, with nice features like celebrity chats, stickers, and emojis.This messaging app also syncs well with your phone’s contact list.


The last few years have seen a significant growth in Snapchat users. Snapchat proved to be popular with a large teenage fan base because of its unique approach to instant messaging. Snapchat enables live video conversations with selected friends, with the caveat that all video messages can only be seen for 10 seconds before they are deleted from the company’s servers (as they claimed). This gives the app some semblance of privacy for all parties involved.
Recently, Snapchat Stories gained popularity as social media influencers use Snapchat as a platform to share their dailies on a smaller scale, as compared to full-length vlogs on YouTube.


This is by far the best video calling app on the list, seeing as it’s the only one allowed by the UAE government. (It’s also the most popular video calling app in the world so there’s that.) Though Skype’s main selling point is its video calling feature, Skype actually has a reliable instant messaging aspect. Exchanging messages through this app is fast, and so is the transfer of files. It has a wide range of emojis to choose from and you can switch to call if you choose to do so in the middle of chatting.


Facebook’s main app isn’t the best app there is but its Messenger app is one of the best things about it because it works really well and it’s easy to chat with Facebook friends. It lets you create group chats and share various media types, and since it’s an extension of your Facebook, you don’t have to worry about syncing contacts with your phone.

Special mention!


telegram instant messaging app

Telegram is an instant messaging app that has a wide array of great features that include bots. However, the best feature is the app’s seamless integration between multiple devices. These include PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets. All this is made possible by having all conversations stored in the app’s cloud, which syncs all data across all of your devices so you can start and stop a conversation in one device and then continue using another.