May 29, 2017

Top 8 High-Paying Jobs in the Dubai Tech Industry

International demand for employees with tech-related skills and expertise has increased over the years. Companies especially here in Dubai now see the need for building up tech teams. This gives the tech field more value as ever before. Without a doubt, tech-related jobs pay well–even for entry-level positions. Based on various salary review sources, here are 8 high paying tech-related jobs in Dubai you can look forward to.

UI/UX Designer

Photo courtesy of Randstad

An important part of developing a website, platform, or app is how users will perceive, experience, and comprehend information. UI/UX designers earn about an average of 18,000 AED monthly. Not bad, considering graphic designers are paid 10,000 AED less.

Systems Architect

Photo courtesy of Yempo

If building architects develop foundations and structures, systems architects are the guys responsible for building blueprints of computer systems. They dabble in more technical aspects as compared to a solutions architect who is more involved in alignment and strategy. Companies are currently paying them an average of 23,447 AED per month.

Technical Product Manager

Photo courtesy of 280 Group

When releasing new software or other tech-related products, technical product managers supervise everything from planning all the way down to delivery. The average monthly salary for this position is 23,993 AED.

Solutions Architect

Photo courtesy of LaPresse

Solutions architects are responsible for converting specific requirements into a plan or a blueprint that the development team will follow. They oversee applications and infrastructure dependencies. Solutions architects receive an average of 25,580 AED monthly.

Documentation Specialist

Photo courtesy of Petri

Content, especially in the tech-world, is given high importance these days. That is why this position is #4 on our list. Documentation specialists are responsible for data organizing and managing. Their average monthly salary is 25,600 AED.

Software Architect

Photo courtesy of Viral States

This position is where the design and technical aspect of software merges. Software architects are there to set standards in coding as well as define the tools and platforms. They receive an average monthly salary of 27,700 AED.

Technical Sales

Photo courtesy of Built In LA

Aside from being good salesmen, these people need to have sufficient technical knowledge in order to explain the products well. The average monthly salary for this position is at 29,667 AED.

CIO and IT Directors

Photo courtesy of MSP Knowledge

Although fresh graduates won’t expect to enter these positions immediately, still they are definitely something to work towards. Chief Information Officers and IT Directors earn up to a whopping 80,000 AED monthly.

Moving up is possible with the right skills and a lot of hard work. You never know, in a few years, your salary could triple.